25 Feb 2016

March Schedule for Top 10

The schedule you have all been waiting for...

Many of you may be aware that the April A to Z Blogging Challenge will soon be upon us…what with it being almost April!

It was decided informally amongst us Top10 peeps that we would put our Top 10 lists on hiatus for April as we all seem to have bitten off more than we can chew for the challenge, we shall see!

In addition to the hiatus I have made the (self-appointed) executive decision (*cough*) to reduce the Top 10 to be the Top 5 during March and again in May as we recover. I hope that Keebs and Tiff are happy with this?

I was thinking up some list ideas and have decided to be influenced by the ‘date’, we are happy to have more people join us and maybe with only five you might be willing, but here is the list for March…

1st March – Top 5 things I love that are Welsh.

The first of March in the UK is St Davids Day, represented by a Daffodil, and the patron Saint of Wales. The people who are from Wales are Welsh and they have their own dialect which is also called Welsh. There are many things to love that are welsh and although of not familiar, twenty minutes on the internet will probably help!

8th March – Top 5 female role models.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and why not celebrate us wonderful ladies…although I think there should be an International Man’s Day (for equality to be equality)…but its not this day, so lets pick five female role models, maybe they were writers, musicians, scientists, characters in books, friends or family but whomever they are, lets share how they influenced us.

15th March – Top 5 shops/stores I love.

The 15th March is World Consumer rights day, so what better list than this? Share the shops/stores you love/like a lot/hate and why, whether they are physical shops/stores or online.

22nd March – Top 5 things I love that are French.

The 22nd March is International Francophone Day, I speak the smallest amount of French that I learned about 30 years ago now and I am surprised I haven’t forgotten, but I love things that are French and do you?

29th March - Top 5 things on my bucket list.

The 29th March 2016 is the 30 year anniversary of the London Marathon. Many people have ‘run a marathon’ on their bucket lists, I am one of them although I am not sure how likely that is now but there are other things on my list both big and small, and maybe you don’t even have one, but we all have an idea of things we might like to try and so…share five of those if you can….they don’t have to be sport related.

Let me know in the comments if you are taking part so that I can add your link to the left-hand side bar!


  1. Sounds good to me because my March is pretty well booked too!

  2. Cool. I might try this. The female role models one seems like the easiest.

    1. Please do! I'm not sure if thats sarcasm or not?? lol Either way I look forward to your list! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Bea, maybe you will join us for one of them?


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