2 Dec 2015

Top 10 Things I Love/Hate about Christmas/Winter #14

Again I am late...I am sure I was a white rabbit in a past life...hehehe...so here is my list of Top 10 things I love about Christmas.

1. The lights

I love the lights, especially when you walk past windows and see the twinkle of lights on a tree, it just adds to the atmosphere. When it’s so dark and cold and you see the warm glow of Christmas lights you can’t help but smile, or at least for me it’s like a gentle hug.

2. The music

The sound of the bells jingling, the happy tunes, whatever the music whether spoof, cynic or love tunes, the music always gets me into the holiday spirit. I once took my mother to the Ritz in London for their high tea. It was early December and as we supped out tea and thought about leaving a choir arrived and was singing carols and it was like stepping into that movie moment. Carol concerts, little kids singing badly or overly sweetly is pretty adorable.

3. The movies

Where do I begin? One of the first movies I ever saw at the cinema was Santa Claus: The Movie and I guess maybe that started my love of Christmas films. Miracle on 34th street is still my fave but literally any Christmas themed film I will watch. Overdose maybe but it’s that romantic in me – Christmas is the only time my Cynicism is off duty!

4. Christmas trees

I sort of explained the lure of Christmas trees with the lights in item 1, some people here do have outdoor lights like in America but the houses that do are few and far between. Christmas trees for me should be adorned with beautiful baubles – and I had been collecting them (a special one each year) – but I lost them in the fire and I guess I could start again but the lustre is dulled slightly. My grandmother has always made Christmas decorations and this year I have made…ahem…three! But I am aiming for five before the big day! I like Christmas trees and would have one in every room of my house, if I had a house!

5. Cinnamon

Hot chocolate with cinnamon, I don’t think it requires further explanation…hehhehe…and cream…and chocolate sprinkles…too much?

6. Chocolate

I do like to get a selection box for Christmas but I haven’t had one in years! Apparently once you are over 18 you don’t get them, to be fair I did until about 30…maybe I will treat myself this year?

7. Family

As much as family can send you demented from January 1st to December 31st, at Christmas time there is a moment…possibly just after Christmas dinner when everyone is feeling happy and relaxing and aglow with the love that they feel and share with their families on this day. I am lucky that my sister doesn’t mind me shoe horning myself into her Christmas and playing the Christmas angel every year (as I won’t have my own family) and it’s at this time when I see ‘my’ girls joy and excitement that I feel part of a family the most.

8. Wrapping

I love to wrap the presents, to choose just the right paper for the person, a pretty bow a handmade card, invisible tape! Yeah! It takes ages but if you are going to give a gift then make it look like it’s given with love.

9. Surprises

That present you didn’t know you even needed! I will say at this point that I don’t think Christmas is about gifts and it’s not important how much you spend, what’s important is that you do give even the smallest token as it shows that even for a moment you spent some time thinking about that person. You may disagree, but the day I wake up and so….nah I can’t be bothered…come shoot me! I won’t stop being a sentimental fool.

10. Laughter

In our family, a lot of laughter is shared at the dinner table, because 50% of us miss our mouths and the other 50% spill something on the table cloth that will stain (like gravy or red wine). So with torn paper hats hanging off of messed up hair, nice new clothes spattered in gravy, we share jokes – even the cracker jokes! These are hilarious through the eyes of a child and its these times when memories of family are made and make your heart just a little fuller for next year.


  1. Well, I agree with you about chocolate, but some of those other things are like my worst nightmares, especially 2, 5, 7, and 9! I'm a total grinch!

  2. Sounds like you get fully into the spirit of it all. I pretty much agree with all your list. I have no family any more, but my craft partner has wholeheartedly shared hers with me every year so I've watched her 3 kids grow up and now we start again with grandchild #1 who will be just a touch over a year by Christmas.

  3. Great list! Especially agree on hot chocolate, and why aren't I having some right now? :)


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