27 Nov 2015

Top 10 Tuesdays: December Topics!!


So its time to post the topics for December's Top 10 Tuesdays...are you ready? Anyone feeling festive enough to join us?

1st Dec: Top 10 things that I love/hate about Winter
8th Dec: Top 10 Christmas Movies/Or movies I watch at Christmas time
15th Dec: Top 10 Christmas cross stitch charts 
22nd Dec: Top 10 food/drink from the festive season
29th Dec: Top 10 things I am looking forward to in 2016

And although I haven't quite finished (I hope to this weekend!) here is the head of a snowman ornament I am making....

In other news too...I realised that I can't do everything and something always ends up getting neglected, well not next year or even this month! I am trying to sort out the perfect schedule. If you have any tips on how you organise your time, or what keeps you motivated then by all means let me know! 

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Displaying IMG_0147.JPG


  1. Interesting topic choices for December - looking forward to seeing your lists. If you're still going in January I think I may join you as I'm waving good-bye to my job at the end of December and going back to being fully retired, so hopefully (she crosses her fingers) more time for fun stuff.

    Kate, the only way you're going to have the perfect schedule is if you have a perfectly regulated life. I put the things I "must" do in my Day Timer, try to block out some time for the things I want to do and wing the rest of it. I get more done than not, so I'll take it.

  2. Oh wow! Of course we'll still be going in January! We would love your company Bea. How nice for you to relax and chill and write lists!

  3. Gonna be hard topics for me...you know how I feel about the holidays, but I'll give it a shot!

    As far as schedules go, my OCD gets done what's important to me and my Aspergers keeps me from completing things I don't want to do. I live in perpetual limbo, so I'm afraid I'm no help!

    1. I know you watch films at christmas - dont have to be christmas themesd, and cross stitch charts could always be those on your christmas wishlist? - I know you can tweak it to suit! And are numbers are growing...heheh...:D


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