12 Nov 2015

Top 10 things to leave on a desert island!

Well, with my time keeping of late I think that I should be one of the things left on there! 

I do promise to get back to Tuesday's once I get settled into a routine. 

I am behind in so much but IHSW weekend will hopefully help me turn that all around! I have two ornaments to stitch as I never finished my angel! 

Anyway, these will be short and sweet but straight from the heart...

Top 10 things to leave on a desert island...

1. Me right now! I'm so flakey.
2. Sweetcorn, I can't even begin to explain the visceral hatred that I have for this vegetable...it has to go! 
3. Mushrooms, I am not keen so why not join the sweetcorn? I'm mean but I'm not heartless! Lol vegetables together...awe
4. Tights! Just because anyone who read about my first date will know they tried to shame me! 
5. Butterflies - those things are creepy & would appreciate a desert island more. 

Ok, so i am missing five things from the list, I really thought I hated more stuff than I do.

So I shall come back and add things when they occur to me! 

So go check out keebs and tiffs lists! 


  1. I'd leave celery, I hate it possibly more than you hate sweetcorn. Oh, and moths, I don't mind butterflies but moths with huge wings that VIBRATE .... Hate 'em!

    1. No, there is no way that you can hate celery as much as I hate sweetcorn...is there? Yeah moths, bleugh!

  2. I definitely agree with you on the fungus...why would anyone want to eat fungus (said the cheese maven)? I'm not a fan of tights either, but not for the same reasons, I just look horrible in them and they are extremely uncomfortable. Butterflies fall under the bug category for me (as do birds).

    1. Hehehe...tights are uncomfortable...I loved your list!

  3. Aww, poor butterflies! But you could add spiders and slugs to the list for me.

  4. You picked a strong 5! DH despises mushrooms as well. Going with the past few posts, does Internet dating sites belong on the list?

    1. I know only five i need to add more - heheh and YES!!!!


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