5 Jun 2015

10 Questions for you! (15)

So, I am sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine that we are finally having (even if its shortlived) and thinking about my list challenge. Today is the half-way point...this is list 15...and having browsed through my pre-planned headings, I decided to create a new one...I have so many questions!

1. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?
I just started watching this on Netflix and am currently at the beginning of season 3. I really like so many things about it and am really annoyed by so many things. But it would be great to have someone to talk to about this show! Anyone? anyone? - A

2. I have inflammatory arthritis and currently walking is the only form of exercise I get, other than swimming, do you know of any low impact enjoyable exercise programmes out there?
I need to walk more than I do, as since the condition started I have been unable to do as much as i would have liked, and my plan is to get back to at least walking home from work and during lunch ( a total of about 80 minutes). I would like to do something other than walking though? Ideas?

3. Weightloss tips
So, as with the above i also need to lose some weight to reduce the stress on my joints, I am a bit of a fussy eater but that being said i don't mind eating the same things everyday. So tell me your favourite and most effective weightloss tips :) ....please?

4. Did you listen to Serial (Adnan Syed case) and do you listen to undisclosed?
I really enjoy these because they make you think, and you realise just how many scenarios for any situation there can be and of course I like crime dramas and i have so many questions about this!

5. Does your cat bring you 'gifts' and if so what do you do with them?
Muse is my three year old black moggie, and she has in the past only brought me one gift, it was a bird and i found it flying around my kitchen one day when i got home from work. This week she has brought me two birds in two days! I am slowly getting my own pet cemetery.

6. Is mint choc chip the greatest ice cream flavour there is? 
I love this flavour ice cream, need i say more? Is it the minty freshness or the delicious chunks of chocolate that make it so yummy?

7. Do you make shortbread? Do you have any special ingredients or variations ro do you just stick to plain?
I am planning to make shortbread this weekend with my nieces, and I usually just make them plain and am quite basic, but it would be nice to try some new ideas.

8. I am due this month to go to the hairdressers to get y hair dyed...do I go blonde for the summer or stay reddish? Have you ever died your hair? What colours did you go for? Any disasters? 
I have had red, purple, black, brown, and strawberry blonde but have yet to settle on a favourite.

9. Have you ever tried Bikram yoga?
Apparently, because of the heat, this is a good yoga for arthritis sufferers and I have wanted to try it for a while. Do you do yoga? What type? 

10. If you had a bucket list, what would be the number one item on it?


  1. 1-no, 2-no (aren't they all painful for even those that can handle it?), 3-shakes or 3-day diet, 4-no, 5-no (because I have no cat!), 6-no (Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate), 7-no (but I eat it), 8-blonde (and yes, I've turned my hair green by trying to go from blonde to brunette and I've done all those colors too!), 9-no to Bikram, but I usually do the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, 10-Live in Disney World.

    Lots of no's there...awful negative of me on a Friday!

  2. As a gym instructor, I'll stick to answering 2 and 3.

    2) Walking is brilliant exercise. You could attempt some light weight-lifting (youtube for ideas or contact me), but it would depend on your ability and mobility. Trial and error is the only way to find something that works.

    3) The only weightloss tip that works is eating less than you burn. Everything else is a quick fix that doesn't actually help you to lose body fat. You need to make permanent changes that you can live with - ie. changes that don't deprive you of your favourite foods or allow you to eat out, but ones that help you eat in moderation (1 biscuit rather than half the packet, for example).

    Hope that helps :-)

    1. Have you ever tried eating just one jaffa cake? lol!

  3. 1-no, 2- tai chi?, 3-giving up refined sugar and being very low wheat has helped my inflammation and my belly, also like Annalisa mentioned, trying to have less when I have a treat, 4-no, 5-no thankfully, 6-YES, even when made with coconut milk or almond milk since I can't have dairy, 7-no, 8-yes, currently a dark red brown, what about red and blond streaks?, 9-no, 10- Disney world with DD, I've never been either.

    1. Thanks :) streaks??? red and blond sounds a bit bacony to me...:o!

  4. 1. - no; 2 - have you tried exercises on a ball, the big ones you sit on? I know there are videos/DVDs that show you how to use one; 3 - I'm a Weight Watchers member. Most flexible, adaptable program I've found that helps you learn portion control with out making you change all your foods; 4 - no; 5 - no, mine are 100% indoor cats; 6 - for me it's chocolate with more chocolate; 7 - no, but once in a long while I indulge in a couple of pieces; 8 - never dyed my hair; 9 - no; 10 - travel through Europe with unlimited time.

    1. I also would like to see more of Europe. I have always wanted an indoors cat but they have always wanted to go outside, Muse actually stays in more than any of my previous cats but still...I guess I'm just too good to her that she thinks i need gifts! Note to self: be mean to the cat (lol!)

  5. 1 - Yes, I worked my way through all 5 series back to back on Netflix....no idea why I stuck with it, but now I need to know what happens, even if it frustrates me!

    2 - I was diagnosed with ME, then Fibromyalgia and I struggle to do a lot of exercise but I do Pilates and find the strengthening helps with the pain.

    3 - I managed to lose 6st a few years back and kept it off by pretty much doing what Annalisa said! I had to change the way I looked at food and make lasting changes. I would say, watch your portion sizes and buy a smaller plate! Don't deprive yourself of something you really want, just have a small amount. Find ways to make foods you like with lower fat/calories e.g. apple pie without the pastry.

    4 - No idea what that is :(

    5 - Don't have a cat

    6 - No! Coconut or Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia FroYo

    7 - Plain, why mess with perfection?! Hubby likes choc chips in his though!

    8 - Go for something new! Have you tried light brown base with gold highlights?

    9 - Nope, I can't do Yoga due to Joint hyper-mobility (they bend too far) but sounds fun!

    10 - Travel around Italy

  6. Hi Miamina :)
    I am soooooo happy someone else watches Pretty Little Liars (I am still on season 3) and know who to aim my random comments at! lol I hope you won't mind. Did you see that season 6 is on netflix now?
    I am sorry to hear about your ME & Fibromyalgia but will look into Pilates, so thankd for the tip.
    Wow! That's great! Well done you for keeping it off :D I know all the theory, and I have been doing that, its just I'm am not a patient person...hehehe.
    I like the hair idea too.
    Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions :D

    1. I did see that Season 6 is on Netflix now...I'm working up to watching it! I tend to watch a fair bit of Tennis, so work in my Netflixing around that! Also Orange is the New Black - S3 is on...that MUST take priority as that is actually awesome! Feel free to fling random comments my way ;)

      I'm so not a patient person when it comes to weight loss...I expect instant results from the smallest changes! Sadly it's not that easy, but that's really the key, slowly is better and more likely to be longer lasting.

      It was actually fun answering the questions and it's nice to know a bit more about people :)

    2. I have been paused on Pretty Little Liars (I have been distracted by Hemlock Grove and Granite Flats) but when I start again be prepared! lol
      Its good to know more about everyone :)


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