17 May 2015

10 things you'll find in my handbag (5)

So...the self-saboteur that lives in my brain informed me yesterday that as it was a Saturday that I didnt need to post....yeah right! Mother nature was kicking my butt so i'm adding that to my excuse pile. So here I am, sat in my garden, sun shining, bee harassing me and poised to post not once but twice today. 

So...lets kick it all off with the simplest list on my list of lists...or at least I thought it would be until I realised that I have an aversion to unwanted items in my handbag.

1. Purse
I have a purse but all I keep in it is small change, bank card and ID. It is a nice pink leather Radley purse and my iphone fits in that if I just want to use that instead of the large bag. 

2. Iphone
I do keep this in my bag whenever it is not tucked in my bra strap...heheh....ladies with larger boobies might relate more to this extra storage space.

3.Other cards
Other cards are kept here and by other its mainly loyalty cards...you can't seem to go anywhere without being given one, stamps too go with these cards, and also my pre-paid prescription card! Very important.

I have to have a pen, I may need to write something down, and it has to be in blue ink. Although I must confess that my current pen is black ink and that's only because it was a gift from a friend who went to Hobbiton in New Zealand.

I have a small hardback notebook. Its ideal for writing in with pen mentioned above!When inspiration strikes I can write it down, or any other mundane things that I feel need noting.

6. Keys
Yes, door key, An essential I think.

7. Sanitary stuff.
Yes, emergency sanitary stuff, not a suitcase full but a couple of items in case I get caught out.

8. Painkillers.
Obviously, for headaches and any other aches and my painkiller of choice is Ibuprofen.

9. Perfume.
Currently I have Roberto Cavalli perfume in my bag...because I absolutely love it and just the smell can cheer me up so its great to have.

10. Hairbrush
My hair has an inate ability to look a mess at any given moment in time and my small handbag sized hairbrush is perfect for those moments.

Wow! I was actually easier to think of things than I thought....but that is about everything in my bag...and yes...admittedly this is a pretty dull post...so help me out guys and tell me what random, unusual, unexpected items you have in your handbag.


  1. Nice list. I think I have similar items, but right now my laptop charger is in there as well and a mouse. :) No laptop though.

    1. See...you have reminded me that I always carry my iphone charge lead - not the plug though - so that I can charge it at work.

  2. Let me start by saying I don't do a handbag - I carry a backpack. So in addition to what you've listed - minus the hair brush - I have my 'carry with me' cross stitch project, sun glasses, nail clippers and frequently my Day-Timer.

    1. Thats fair enough! If I am walking to work etc. I often use a rucksack/backpack. What is your current 'carry with me' cross stitch project? Do you have a link to a post about it on your blog? I'd love to see it. I used to work on a sampler at work until i misplaced some thread. I have since found it and the project so I may just have to dig it out.
      What is a Day-Timer?

    2. Kate, here's the link to my current 'carry with me'


      Day-Timer is a type of agenda book where I list all the things I need to do that day, appointments, phone numbers, things I should do. All the stuff my terrible memory doesn't retain any more!

  3. I have a lot of the same things (minus the sanitary products...don't have the equipment any more) and the hairbrush (curly hair and brushes don't go well together).


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