15 May 2015

10 songs to sing whilst dancing around in your bedroom in your underwear (4)

There are some rules as to what can be considered worthy of going on this list…

  1. It has to be cheesy/crazy/happy/empowering.
  2. Has to evoke spontaneous booty shaking or over acting out of the lyrics or singing at the top of your lungs.
A friend and I created a playlist of the same name as this post only we weren’t limited to 10 and we came to rest at 49!! So, as you can imagine it was a bit tricky to select a mere 10, so I pressed play random and these were the first 10 that were played.  If you are on Spotify you can find the full list here:  Songs to sing whilst dancing around your bedroom in your underwear

1. Cheerleader – Felix Jaehn Remix

A relatively recent release that made the list, it’s a nice summery happy-ish sounding song.

2. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Yes, the old Lady Gaga and not the new Jazz singing version.      

3. Womanizer – Britney Spears

Love her or hate her, she was given some great songs (or wrote them herself, who knows? Anyone?) I also really love the video!

4. Mickey – Toni Basil

An old one but a good one, for those retro moments, but please don’t apply mascara whilst singing along to this.

5. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Anyone remember the hullaballoo with this song? All the spoof/cover version videos?

6. Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner

I like this song…cos seriously…do you really think you’re cooler than me? p.s I live in Britain and I am sat next to the window! Pretty cool.

7. Raise Your Glass – P!nk

I love P!nk – I like the lyrics to her songs, I like her attitude, and I just think she is great. This one has to be a ‘getting ready to go out song’.

8. Love In The First Degree – Bananarama

Another old one but c’mon people…its Bananarama, even if we aren’t walking like an Egyptian.

9. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

This is a fun shouty song.

10. Zombie – The Cranberries

The final song on this too short list, I challenge you not to scream along to the chorus.

Sadly, it is only a top ten and these were a random selectioin, there are so many others and such great tunes but I would love to know what your go to dancing-around-the-house song is? What songs would you see on the list? What songs on the list do you hate?


  1. Great selections. I think you've inspired tomorrow's list for me. :) I'm going to go a different route, so I'd say "I'm Coming Up" by Pink.

    1. Anything by pink is good enough for me :) I look forward to seeing your list.

  2. Random or not, great selection!

  3. My sister and I always sang Mickey while dancing around our bedroom, and jumping on and off our beds - we were 10 and 6 at the time, so that explains the jumping.

    My personal fave song for dancing around my bedroom is "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves - another oldie!

  4. I'm not sure any of those would make my list...mine tend to be a bit more on the male side and a bit more swaying than actual "dancing". Probably half of Take That and Duran Duran's canon, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, Subculture by New Order, etc.

    1. Yeah, swaying doesnt count Keebs! lol I wondered if these were too 'bouncy' for you :)


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