12 May 2015

10 Things people do to celebrate a big anniversary (1)

Welcome, welcome to the first day of my self-imposed 30 days of lists challenge! First up is a topic that I have chosen because my aunt is celebrating 25 years of marriage and I feel like I should mark the occasion in my own small way :) So, drum roll please.......

10 Things people might do to celebrate a big anniversary

1. Have a party. 
I know some people prefer a quiet intimate affair - well not actually an affair - we are celebrating marriage after all! I think that celebrating events such as birthdays and the like is great, life is so short so why not celebrate every chance you get, admittedly I am not a big fan of parties every weekend but once a year is fine with me. 

I think you could probably make it more fun by having people wear something from the decade that you were married in, or have couples come dressed as you and your husband, or (seeing as 25 years is the Silver wedding anniversary) why not have your hubby dress as Long John Silver and you as someone from the Silver screen?, maybe you could have people wear clothes they thought they would be wearing 25 years from now. On the other hand you could forgo the silliness and have a classy ball.

2. Renew your vows.
This is quite common I think and not always at the 25 year mark. It can be a very simple and elegant occasion. For some reason I always think of renewing your vows as something very serious, much more so than the first time, possibly because you are recommitting to someone who you have known for much longer than you did before you married (not always true). 

3.Sweeping romantic outing.
What do I mean by this? A hot air balloon ride with your loved one in the afternoon, floating above the village/town/city where you have spent the last 25 years and all the memories you have associated to particular spots. Or something similar such as....

4. An intimate dinner.
Have you always wanted to go to a particular expensive restaurant, but its been too expensive, an anniversary is as good a reason as any to splash out, get dressed up, order the champagne (tipple of your choice) and gaze lovingly into one another's eyes as you remember those early years pre-marriage/pre-children. Is this not a big enough gesture?....

5. A holiday.
I believe everyone has a place that they long to go, but its reserved for the end of sentences such as...

  • When I win the lottery I am going to go to .......
  • When I retire I am going to go to .....
  • For my 60th, I am going to go to ....
Maybe your 25th is a good enough reason to jet off with your other half to Bora Bora for three weeks! Can I come?

Half-way mark and things got tricksy.

So, I began to struggle as to what you could do and used google for some more ideas....I came across some that were frugal ideas for your anniversary and the others I just made up! lol

6. Blow up a balloon for each year of your marriage.
I think there may have been a second part to this, something about adding a label with something written on that has something you have loved about the last 25 years? I forget now. Anyway, this is for those on a budget, I personally  think that this may be tricky for asthmatics or those who married late in life or who are on second, third or fourth marriages....you may not reach your 26th anniversary.

7. A tattoo.
This was my idea! I am not a fan per se of matching tattoos between couples, you will probably be ok if you are married 25 years, but when I see teenagers or those in their early twenties get them....the cynic in me is screaming "WHAT?! Will you even remember his name in a year?.....Of course you will, its tattooed to your a*se!" OK, so thats an extreme example, my only advice if this is the route you take...go to a, experienced, professional tattooist...its permanent you know! 

8. Flowers.
I love flowers. I know many people don't like them as gifts, and some will tell you how they prefer a living plant rather than a bunch of flower carcasses, but I love love love them. Wherever I go I will photograph flowers or visit botanical gardens. There is a list of what flower is traditional to give to represent 25 years and its the famed 'Irises'. I love Van Gogh's painting and I love Irises. Purple ones are my favourite so this idea would suit me. Although, I do recognise its not for everyone. 

9. Puppy/Kitten.
Yes, I have hit the controversy button, on whether you should give puppies or kittens as gifts or if its better for the person to make that decision themselves. But I like this idea, and if I am married 25 years...I'll take both please!  :)

10. Family.
Family are to me very important, and I know that such a big occasion would definitely be something relatives would want to be part of, to acknowledge your relationship. Yes, they can come to the party and yes they may be at the vow renewal, but maybe a small family only gathering at someones house would be nice and informal, and make your insides all warm an cosy...at least until the bickering started! lol

How long have you been married? What would you do to celebrate 25 years? What did you do to celebrate 25 years? Do you have a puppy or a kitten? Are you on instagram as I would love to see it! 

I hope to see you tomorrow when I give you my top ten most desirable super powers!


  1. Great start. We've been married 5 1/2 years and I hope we make 25. 25 of being together would be sooner since that's already 16 1/2 years. :)

    1. Wow! If you were together 11 years before you married then I have no doubt that you will reach your 25th easily. Congratulations!

      Thanks also for joining me, your list of foods is great, you really are challenging yourself! I shall be checking in to see how you are getting on.

  2. All the people that i know who have been married that long are not very happy, so I can say I'm glad I barely made it to the two year mark (and even more glad it's long past over!). None of them celebrate anniversaries anymore.

    But it is nice to see that some people can be together that long and still be happy!

    1. Hehehe...I know some people married that long and they are happy as well, its pretty hit and miss! Life is what you make it though and I still hold out hope to reach my 25th anniversary...have to get married first though....hehehehe

  3. My hubby and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this September.

    I do not know yet what our plans will be. We have a limited budget and I am feeling a little pressured to come up with something.

    We will probably keep it simple.

    We still like each other.

    1. Hi Tracy, you have me thinking now about a budget option....how about a repeat of your first date? or the day he/you proposed? I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and congratulations!


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