13 May 2015

10 superhero powers people wish they had (2)

10 Superhero powers people wish they had (in no particular order)

1. Fly
Is this the most popular of powers? I am not a fan of heights so flying around doesn't appeal to me. I would imagine that I would get distracted and fly into something, a plane, a helicopter, a building or a tree. Also, when you arrived anywhere your hair would be a total mess! The speed of flight is never specified and a single power of only flight wouldn't be so great, now flight and super strength or flight and super speed and we have Superman, but just being able to fly...meh!

2. Morph
This is definitely one I would consider, if I had the choice, I would be Mystique! lol! You could be anything, a fly on the wall (so I wouldn't need invisibility powers), a bird (so I wouldn't need flight powers)...and so on. Its decided, I'm sending my application into Marvel...right now...Oh I can't wait!

3.Speak to animals
My niece would LOVE this one. She is fascinated with animals, and is great with them, and loves to care for them and learn how to communicate. She is 6 and she told me the other day that she wished she knew what animals were thinking, awwww. She actually thinks I can speak to cats as mine is very odd and reacts to what I am saying as if she understands me....honest! 

4. Invisible
It would be great to be invisible sometimes, but the issue I have is that it usually means only you are invisible and your clothes aren't, I am sensitive to the cold and I am not sure that would work for me. Plus, where would I be that I needed to be invisible....realistically...I'm not a spy...honest!

5. Healing 
This would be good, but if you have ever watched a sci-fi programme in your life then you know that it always comes with consequences. Maybe you cure the person but they walk out in front of a bus, or you cure them and someone else gets taken ill, there always seems to be something to undermine this super power.

I once watched a documentary about a girl who lived somewhere in South America I think and she was seriously ill but had healing powers - at least people believed that she could heal them. Its a very complex subject of healing from the mind and I won't go on about it right now, but do you think its possible?
If you do opt for this super power then my advice to you....check the small print!

6. Super strength
This is a power that really is a supplementary power, on its own, sure its pretty impressive but combine it with others and its brilliant. Its what transitions you from banana man to the Avengers.

7. Time travel
Time travel must be extremely popular, and I would love to be able to travel back in time, the success of Dr Who is surely an indicator of this and the TV show that annoys the hell out of me 'Outlander' has it as the root of the story.

I can't imagine going forward in time, but if you wanted to predict the future you could do it this way, but then you have the whole timeline changing thing.

That is a flaw with this, you really do need to know your history and be able to predict what would happen based on levels of changes that are made in the past. If you could go back only to watch and not to interact then that would be a pretty frustrating power to have and you might be better off watching the history channel at home instead! 

8. Telepathy
The ability to communicate through the mind. Is this real or a super power? Are twins telepathic or just tuned into their siblings thought patterns (as they are the same as them)? I don't think this is all too exciting, but it saves shouting from the living room to the hubby to make you a cuppa.

9. Omnilinguism
This may be my third choice, not least because its a very handy skill, its annoying when you can't eavesdrop on peoples conversations because they are speaking in a language you don't know. Travel would be a breeze. 

There is one person in the world who has this super power and that's Santa so at least we know that its definitely possible!

10. Super speed
This is for the lazy people, and the best thing is...according to The Flash...you burn bucketloads of calories doing it. So you can do things really quickly, like dash to the shops to get chocolate, and then eat it guilt free! Oh...and also get help in an emergency...sure. Best combined with super strength.

Honorable Mentions

Mind control - This is for the super villains amongst us, I wouldnt want to control anyone else like this, straight forward manipulation techniques are just fine...heheheh...I watched the 2012 film Ruby Sparks last night and that has a sort of mind control theme.

Intangibility - This is the ability to pass through any matter. Keys be gone. Jail? No cage can keep me. A handy skill for those forgetful people and criminals.

Force Field - This power is for all those introverts and the anti-social. You could put a force field around just you and keep everyone at bay....oh, and use it to protect people from attack of course.

What super power would you most want? What super power would you least want? Do you have a super hero alter ego? Tell me more.

I hope to see you tomorrow when I give you my top ten most heeded superstitions.


  1. Great list, and you even had extras, nice! I would love the healing super power since I've lived with back pain for years, and I like to help people. If it would be possible to help people with chronic pain that would be amazing.

    1. I understand that, it would be an amazing gift to have.

  2. I'd really like the talk to animals, but I'm not sure how you could do that and not find yourself committed somewhere!


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