21 Apr 2015

Todays post is brought to you by 'Everythings Annoying'


I have been meaning to post but with everyone participating in the A to Z challenge I figured you would all have enough to be getting through - I'm too kind, right?....right?

Anyhoo...I thought of some things that are annoying me and decided to come and blog about them and 'lo and behold I was slapped in the face with more annoying things! Who'd a thunk it?

Here was my list, my ever so compelling list that motivated me to get it down in type.....brace yourselves peeps its all consuming!

  1. Unnecessary ignorant rudeness
  2. Single finger typing
  3. Hay fever

Its good right? Have you drunk all that in? Satiated, I bet!

Reasons for above list:

  1. There is a guy who starts work about half an hour after me (we both start really early) and he started working here after I did. His desk is situated a few rows behind mine. Every morning when he comes in and its just me sat here, he never says Good Morning!! Would it kill him? I can't see him when he comes in and he is like a cat. I just think its a bit ignorant and yes, I could take the high road and greet him and maybe tomorrow I will very loudly say GOOD MORNING! As it is, I just stick to mumbling ignorant f*ck under my breath....I'm pretty sure he can't hear me...but if his hearing is as cat like as his footsteps...ah well! Its a habit now, I can't change it. Hehehehe.
  2. Darth, my heavy breathing desk neighbour has not only arrived with halitosis but is a single finger typist - heavy single finger typist..bang bang bang...and he is hunched over the keyboard watching the keys....maybe I should be more positive and start embracing these annoying traits and find the good in them?? Please advise.
  3. My eyes a blurry and itchy.
And...now for the grand finale of complaints....one of our comrades has fallen...our army was once 160 strong and is now 159...I can't tell you who it was, or why, or what I did or didnt do that they did or didnt like but alas poor yorick I didnt know him well, and now with a heavy heart I wish them only happiness on their journey...oh an a lifetime of bad blogs! hehehehehheeh Just kidding...just.


  1. I lost 3 followers in a week a few months ago, no idea why. I hate it when that happens! I also hate unnecessary ignorant rudeness, I'd make a point of saying hello every morning really loudly if it were me. SD is a two fingered typist, both like hammer blows, diries me mad. I have been know to wrestle the laptop off him and do his typing for him!

    1. It bugs me not because they unfollow but because I want to know why? It might be something I could improve on - hard to improve on perfection, but its good to stay informed! lol
      I am seriously consideriing greeting him tomorrow in the cheeriest manner I can - a sort of 'IN YOUR FACE LOSER!' subtlety...hehe.

  2. Not in defense of rude guy, but I'm the same way in the morning...I've got everyone trained to not even say mornin' until I've been here at least an hour (and not good morning ever because there is no such thing as a "good morning"). Once I get over the initial shock of being out in daylight, I'm fine and the longer the day wears on, the more perky I get...it's just that first thing I don't handle well. Maybe dude is the same way and by the time he comes around, he just figures it's too late?

    1. Nah! He's just rude. :p

    2. You're probably right...just thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt (like I'm positive polly or something!).

    3. Lol! And guess who didn't show up to work today so I couldn't even greet him! How rude! Lmao

  3. I'd greet him loudly as well. No hope in the 2nd one, but cool compresses help your eyes in the short term, otherwise anti allergy med. :)


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