17 Mar 2015

March moments.

Hi there!

These past few weeks I have written some blog posts and then deleted them before publishing. I can't say why, only because I don't know what made me change my mind, especially as a few were written with gusto.

So today's blog post is purely self-indulgent as I feel I need to blog and I'm not entirely sure what about, so I will just say that I hope you are all having a busy and productive and enjoyable March!

Spring has sprung (and I have started spring cleaning), I have also been busy preparing for the A to Z challenge in April but I have also been distracted by my new (NYC) project and so I need to definitely focus on getting some more of the A to Z stuff done.

I am at an unusual place right now as my health seems to be under control (touch wood) and life is plodding along nicely, the danger is that it is during these times where I feel compelled to do something....but what?

March happenings

Between March 2nd and April 5th there are four birthdays in my family and we have mothers day (in the UK) and we will also have Easter in this time period too this year!

About two years ago now (where does the time go?) I reviewed a band called Narrow Plains and I even attended their gig in London (the one and only time I have done so for a band I've reviewed) and this month they announced that they had an album deal!  All I have to say about that is....about time!

Here they are last month recording on the radio:

I've just checked! Almost three years ago.....check out my original review here and the gig review here.

Also this month my good blogging friend Lynn announced that she has signed a book deal!!! For several books of poetry. Its great news and you can check out her work here on here blog, The Grumbling Gargoyle.

On the 23rd the A to Z Challenge theme announcement occurs, and as I have a theme I will be announcing so there is that to look forward to...hahahha...at least I hope you will!

I shall be checking back in again soon, hopefully with something you want to know about, how about another Narrow Plains video?

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  1. Sounds like you've got a busy March planned and I can't wait until your AtoZ reveal!


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