24 Mar 2015

I hear you! A to Z Challenge Theme reveal

OK, so some of you super aware folks will have realised that the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal was yesterday, and I did not post a thing!

I wasn't signed up for it, and I have decided to once again opt out of taking part in the Challenge.

Why? I hear you ask.

I came up with several ideas, and at first they were all great ideas...but after a day I went off the boil and thought, nah!

I figured that if I couldn't stay interested for the preparation alone, then staying interested when the challenge was going on would be nigh on impossible.

What will you do instead? I hear you ask.

Well, I am working on a film blog (Films Like These) and also, I am going try to see if  I can visit everyone's blog who has signed up for the A to Z challenge. Then, when I find the really good blogs that are able to grab me by the carotid and keep me sat in my seat for the duration, I will share with you!

So those of you that are very  busy blogging and don't have too much time for reading the blogs can stop by here for the highlights of my findings.

We never said that! Are you hearing things? I hear you ask.


  1. Bummer! I've lost a challenge buddy this year! Oh well, congrats for making the decision!

    1. I'll still be about cheering you on! :)


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