2 Dec 2014

The return of the Tuesday rant!

Every day, I spend my lunch hour reading the newspaper, sometimes articles will annoy me and I return to my desk and email my friend and whinge.

Today, I spent my lunch hour reading the newspaper, and no article annoyed me. Today the whole newspaper annoyed me. Every news item was depressing, full of murders, abuse, suffering and oppression and it left me wanting to scream. I would like newspapers that had articles that although depressing had a final paragraph or two dedicated to what is being done about said news item.

I just want to know whether laws are being changed, programmes are available; support is there for abuse victims, etc. I just need to know that something is being done to prevent whatever it is from happening and what is being done to alleviate the situation. I don’t just want a statement. It physically stresses me out to think of these things happening; I need to know that these victims haven’t suffered in vain.

Anyway, on a happier note….I have started stitching a new project ALL for me J It is a Linda Ravenscroft HAED. I am currently only on page 1 and the stitches are all pale yellow background, so not too exciting, and the next colour I have is a not-so-pale yellow. So I won’t show you a photo just yet…but just know that it is happening, and that once I get a page done I will post photo’s, and this is all I will stitch until its done, so get used to it as its going to take me quite a while! It should end up looking like this:


  1. Background always sucks, until you get to extreme confetti and then you pray for it! That's going to be a beautiful piece...really colorful!

  2. It's a gorgeous project and I hope you really enjoy stitching it. Like Keebs says, the background does suck as you're dying to get to the colours!

  3. Oh dear! I'm rolling around on the floor right now laughing my head off. I've just checked the picture of my pattern and I'm not even stitching the one above! Oh dear, heheheheh hehehehehehe... I shall post the actual picture on the morrow when I've picked myself up.

  4. Glad to hear you're stitching again, whatever it is you're stitching! ;)


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