22 Aug 2014

FSF: Soundtrack


I thought I would try some five sentence fiction but it seems to be on a hiatus or finished or something, so inspired by a song drifting about in my head, I have written some five sentence fiction. My inspiration was soundtrack, so feel free to join in and leave your link in the comments!


The music tiptoed through the room, a slight crackle from the analogue radio...life is but a dream, its what you make it, always try to give, dont ever take it...she opened the window to let some of the autumn breeze into the airless flat.

The song echoed of times long past when love was the only thing people seemed to worry about and she longed to have grown up then.

If she had, maybe life would have been a dream, she gazed up at the moonlit sky and let her eyes search for a shooting star upon which she could wish.

No star appeared and she knew she would have to face life head on.

From out of the corner of her eye she saw movement behind her in the flat, she turned to see him trying to crawl, bashed and bloodied to the door, she switched off the radio.

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