13 May 2014

Start Again - The Slow Readers Club

I am struggling to believe that I haven’t written a music review this year? But it seems that after my flurry in 2012 and quarterly attempt in 2013 that for 2014 I am still not off the starter’s blocks. Considering this blog started off life as a music one, what the hell happened? *slaps self-upside the head*

I intend to recap on those bands that I reviewed in 2012 and see what they have been up to. So let’s not waste anytime, let us seize the moment with a look at:

This might not be the same as my reviews of old where I regaled you war and peace style but I really don’t need to with this band! They were the 4th band I reviewed way back in 2012 & you can check out the war and peace review here. It covers their album and includes a short interview. Hailing from Manchester (a mecca for music) these guys released a single at the tail end of last year called Forever in your debt.

I am actually kicking myself that I missed their latest appearance at Water Rats, London and only realised this when I was looking at their website today. I wholeheartedly recommend those of you who can, to check them out when they hit the main stage at the Blackthorn Music Festival in July.

With their long awaited second album is due out later in the year it really can’t come too soon for me, and to keep us quiet until that time they have released a new single (May 12th 2014) called ‘Start Again’,

This band more than deserves your support and you can buy their latest single on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

If you love great music then check out their album and their social media profiles via the following links:

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