19 May 2014

Loving bad films is what I do

I don’t know about you but every now and again I like to roam the internet in my virtual pyjamas in search of interesting, quirky or funny podcasts, blogs or radio shows.

Occasionally, I will come across a gem but more often than not I don’t and have to resort back to old favourites.

I recently came across one such podcast called ‘The Flop House’, it’s a podcast about bad films, three American men discuss a film hailed a flop. They basically go scene by scene through the film highlighting the flaws in script, set, and acting, well basically everything. It is done so in a very informal way and is much like overhearing a conversation between a bunch of people on the train or the like. They are very upbeat, enthusiastic and giggly. They have a website which lists the films that they have covered (although it appears that they stopped updating this list in 2011) and they are currently on episode #152!

I like it because its informal and they often digress into silliness (which is a habit I myself am prone too) but some of the films on their list of past podcasts are favourites of mine! Booo!

Honestly, I am often told that I have bad taste in films (although I would disagree wholeheartedly with this of course) and also when I do discuss favourite TV shows or films people always question why they’re my favourites as I can be quite critical of them.

I do often start to write blog posts about films of TV shows but they can be quite lengthy and I feel as though I have to constantly defend my dislike of something mainstream that others worship at the feet of and so more often than not those posts end up on the blog cutting room floor.

Some of the flops on their list that are films I really enjoy are;
  • ·         27 dresses
  • ·         All About Steve
  • ·         I Am Number Four
  • ·         Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium
  • ·         Prince of Persia
  • ·         Rock of Ages
  • ·         Seven Pounds
  • ·         Tango & Cash

Most of the others are films that I haven’t seen.

Is there a purpose to this post? YES!

I need to know that I am not alone in my love of bad films, is there a film you absolutely love that most people you know hate? Is there a film you tell people you like/or agree with them on its quality that you haven’t actually watched? (mine is breakfast club!) Is there an actor/actress whose films you will watch even if they are abysmal?


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I stumble across bad films if I'm alone in the evening, pour a glass of wine and enjoy! I've watched The Proposal twice in the last couple of months, and I don't think that one got rave reviews... but I don't care!

    1. Phew! I'm glad I'm not alone Annalisa :) I think the best bad movie (which I havent seen in a while *makes not to self to watch it soon*) is Romy and Michelles High School Reunion.


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