14 Sep 2013



I have resurfaced again. I apologise for the huge gap between posts but I have only recently purchased a new laptop to replace the stolen one. The drama of the burglary is ongoing and I had hoped it would all have been resolved but sadly not. I keep getting told that I should write a story which incorporates my experiences of late and maybe I will...just not today :)

I mentioned in my last post that it was my 300th and that I would come up with a better post to commemorate it but I haven't.

Some stats to keep you going for the next 100 posts!

This blog was started on 24th February 2012 ready for the A to Z challenge starting on April 1st.
Its original name was 'Suddenly Seeking Blogs'.
After the blogging challenge my first post was: May Day
The most popular blog from posts:

The first poem I ever posted: The Visit
The first flash fiction I ever posted: Five Sentence Fiction: Composure
The first poem I recorded and someone put to music: Sweet Music
Most commented on: FSF: Devotion (the third in a set of consecutive FSF)
The first comment I ever received
(posts 1) in response to: Suddenly Seeking Blogs (first post)
You're really just at the beginning of your blog life. Makes me sound wise, doesn't it? I've only been blogging for three years and to begin with I thought I was talking to myself - something I do much of the time anyway;-) I'm sure you'll enjoy the A-Z challenge:-) Good luck!
from: Jabblog
(posts 101) in response to: Infection
I remember it well. When you came through to the arrivals lounge I nearly cried to see the state of you. By the way, you were eight years old when you told me you were going to teach in a mud hut village .... and you did. Yours proudly, Mum xx
from: mansew (no blog)
(posts 201) in response to: Roundup of last week.
Well. Have you ever licked a pigeon?
(post 300) in response to last post: Emblazoned
Well written! Brings to mind a witch burning. Your sentence structure was very playful, yet brutal. A nice juxtaposition.
Also, congratulations on your 300th post. You've almost caught me up now!
from: Addman

I think thats probably enough! If you can remember how you came to find my blog then please let me know in the comments below...I'm off to do laundry and write something better than this ;)

Before I go....this made me laugh and maybe you will too! or at least groan :D

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  1. Great stats. It's fun to look back at the very beginnings of your blog, isn't it? And I'm curious: HAVE you ever licked a pigeon?


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