1 Aug 2013

Write 4 Ten: to the light


I'm back again! This time with the results from the Write 4 Ten prompt. Today the prompt was STOP. The idea is to take the prompt and then write for ten minutes on whatever comes to mind.

Here are my results and as usual feedback welcome...

Driven doggedly onwards,
determination smothering every pore,
clenched toes propel,
fitful stabbing with no remorse,
led by a force to obey,
unending strength of limb and blade,
shattering bone and savaging flesh,
consumed by isolation,
clawing up from the depths of hell,
penetrating darkness,
absorbed by the light.


  1. You paint a picture of having suddenly become resolute to throw complacency to one side and battle forwards, regardless of obstacles, to move on to better times.
    The piece almost reads like an exorcism of negative states which leave to reveal, once more, the strong, focused individual beneath. Well done Kate! Great job....:) x

    1. Thanks Lynn, as always I appreciate your comments and am interested in readers interpretations, so thanks again.


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