29 Jul 2013

Who'd a thunk it?


I have a post to write, actually two, and lets make that three but realistically two and anyway...I never expected to be posting this today and it is with happy faces and sing song voices that I give you the results of last weeks #MWBB, if you haven't yet read my contribution then check it out here.

This is the results:

3rd Place – Lisa Shambrock (@LastKrystallos) The piece has so much atmosphere to it, and in true fashion Lisa leaves us wanting more. The ending was heart breaking wondering if she will ever know what happened to her husband.
2nd place – Kate (@tsk_show) Loved this. From fear, surrender, victory, to shame. So many emotions and feelings conveyed in such a short piece. And I loved the ending, very well done.
1st place – Miranda Kate (@PurpleQueenNL) WoW. To say this was a powerful entry would be an understatement. You felt every word Miranda wrote knowing where it was going and hoping maybe there was a chance it wouldn’t. Just very powerful and well written, full of emotion.  

Have you seen who was in second place? :) Make sure you go and check out the other two placings and the other entries. I am not sure if I will try again this week but who knows?

I must dash as I have another two posts for you....you know you want them!


  1. Well done! :-) And what a great critique!

    1. Thanks Annalisa :) It was nice.

  2. Well done on your silver medal. Take that down Cash Converters, I bet you'll make a packet.

    1. Would you believe addman that there is no medal?! Shocking! Apparently it's quite literally the thought that counts :)


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