15 Jul 2013

Monday Mixer: Archie Rules

Has it really been two weeks?
Lack of any kind of proper sleep pattern has affected my schedule and I am trying to get on track in some small way. I saw a tweet for Jeff Hollars Monday Mixer Flash Fiction and thought that it might be just the thing I need to kick start me.
So I have attempted it below in the Over Achiever category as I have used more than three of the prompt words.
Feedback is always welcome.
Archie Rules
“Hindsight is a beautiful thing” sighed Archie, one shandygaff too many and he went from a recluse to a revolutionary.
The alcohol fuelling his passion led him to protract the inevitable results of insobriety in the most tortuous of methods for those present. Having clambered atop a nearby fence, bottle in hand, he dropped his trousers to gain attention and began reciting his panacea interspersed with profanities. Coming under obloquy only served to incite him more as he took a gambol along the fence.  Regardless of his mingy manhood on display, he felt invincible both physically and mentally, believing he alone could verbally flense the government. He was sure of his nascent, and less sure of his footing as his arms flailed to grab air and he fell onto the unreceptive concrete pavement.
“Hindsight is a beautiful thing” sighed Archie as he lay staring up at the stars above him.


  1. needed something to make me smile and this did the job!still smiling ...

    1. thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I did not expect him to fall to the concrete, I have a twisted sense and thought him to impale himself on a fence post. Good story

    1. That would have been good, if not a bit harsh for poor Archie. lol
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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