6 Apr 2013

Them & US: F is for Friends.

The 'F' shows had a few more come to mind that I had seen and enjoyed but not many that were out and out favourites. However, I think this show is either a love it or hate it show and I loved it. I am not entirely sure why, I think they made being an adult and living in a flat share look like fun! I always laughed at something but not really a belly laugh. Being me I had to have a crush on Chandler Bing :D

IMDB says...

The lives, loves, and laughs of six young friends living in Manhattan.

IMDB gives this show a 8.9 which (because I loved it) I think is fair. 

What I liked

I liked the cast
I liked that they all fit stereotypes so you could easily distinguish who was the OCD one, who was the ditzy one and who was the cool one.
I liked that it was light entertainment and even semi-serious storylines never seemed too heavy
This show knew how to do an over arching storyline

What I didnt like

The way it ended with everything being tied up with a big perfect bow
That they could afford to hang out in a coffee shop when they werent all working
That they managed ten seasons with the main cast and never passed the show over to newer actors or allowed any to infiltrate - too clique for my liking, lol!

Other 'F' shows

The first one that came mind was the Flying Nun and may even be the reason that I love Sally Field...well that and Smokey and the Bandits of course. Family Ties with Michael J Fox, yet another actor I am fond of and will watch in ANYTHING. The younger lawyer show that was given another season instead of my beloved Defenders was Franklin & Bash - which is inoffensive but a bit blah even though the actors work well together.

I also thought of Farscape, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House and Firefly. I know some people have serious addictions to Frasier so I a mentioning it too!

What is your favourite 'F' show? Did you have your hair cut like Rachel (I did!)?


  1. Friends is def the favourite! I loved this show, watching it everyday after school (but I never had a hair cut like Rachel, although I loved it, lol) And I am all for the big bow ending, lol :D
    Firefly is on my list to watch, I had it since it was on last year's Theme-a-licious. If a show is wortch stitching it, then it's a must watch!

    1. Its a good show but due to it not being commissioned again it sort of went a bit scatty. Lol! Still worth watching and stitching :D

  2. I have never seen Friends, the show not my friends I do see them, well OK him . . . . OK he is not really a friend but an angry man in the village who shouts at everyone.

    Faulty Towers comes to mind.

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. Fawlty Towers is still silly even when watched now - but I am focussing on US TV shows. I do know that there was a US version but havent seen it.

  3. I watched the first few seasons when it was on, then got out of it. My wife loves it and got me to watch the rest of them and now we watch them every night before bed (Nickelodeon).

    1. Awww...I hope you have warmed up to the gang now? :) thanks for stopping by!

  4. I always hated that bloody show! I never got it at all when it was the exact kind of show I should have liked. Not a single one of those actors I cared for...I thought I was the only person on the planet who hated that show until I got older. But finally, it and a couple of the others I have actually heard of (even if I never watched them). It only took me to "F"...there might be some American blood in me yet!

  5. Unfortunately, I can't think of a single American "F" show to recommend...it's just hopeless!

  6. Everyone has to love this gang :D how could we not? :p
    Really, you would like to see new faces on the group? I think it's pretty fantastic how they kept everyone together for 10 years :)

    1. I would have done at least in the last couple of years - so that we could have had a spin-off :D (Just greedy!) It is impressive but as they were rumoured to be making a million dollars per episode...they would have been stupid not to do it.


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