9 Apr 2013

PST: H is for...Hotels vs Hostels

Hotels vs Hostels

Now, I am sure there are some amongst you who will only ever stay in luxury Hotels and if I could then maybe I would too but I consider it a waste for me. Mainly because I am not too fussed about certain aspects, if its clean and there is a bed then that is enough for me. I can and do sleep anywhere, on transport, whilst walking (childhood habit), in a night club, literally...if I am asleep I am asleep. I also don't spend that much time inside I am always out and about from early morning 7.30am till late at night 10-11pm and so having a lovely luxurious room would be wasted on me.

I have found on my travels that Hostels vary a lot from country to country and are great places to stay for a budget traveller and best of all they are usually located in the the centre (or near to it) of everything that you might want to be close too. Some hostels you can have single rooms and its still reasonable.

What I tend to do is stay in hostels for those nights when I know that I will be out all day and constantly on the go and to stay in Hotels when I know that I will be spending time chilling out and more in the room than out of it. The only thing I do insist on is staying in a same sex room (girls are more considerate when coming in late and keeping their stuff tidy - personal opinion by the way!) and I opt for the room with the least amount in as you are likely to be sharing with other solo travellers. When I stayed in Paris recently in a Hostel I shared a room with three girls, one from China, one from Sweden and one from Australia. It was nice to chat with them, share tips and we had all arrived late in the evening and were leaving first thing.

Also, you save money in the hostels and you can use this for a better level of luxury at the end of you r holiday or on other treats and such.

Have you stayed in a Hostel? What are your tips?


  1. I have never ever stayed in a Hostel (nor do I think I've even ever seen one!). But I have stayed in some pretty scary motels...so I'll take luxury any day!

    Again, I can really only comment from the Disney POV, but where you stay is just as much part of the experience as anything. The resorts themselves are very heavily themed, so they are like mini theme-parks onto themselves!

    I would never be able to go to sleep in a room full of strangers, female or otherwise. I would be keeping one eye on them and one eye on my stuff! I have enough issues sharing public transport with strangers. They are all in my sightline and my bag is firmly attached to my person. I come from people (aka Mum and Sis) who are the worlds worst about leaving their bag in the shopping cart and walking off from it to look at something else! Drives me insane!!!

    1. Aaah! Paranoid about criminal activity...lol! I guess I am too trusting. :D

  2. I need luxury I can cope with three stars if need be, but you cant beat a good five star hotel with friendly staff who can cope with a scruffy slightly eccentric bloke....

    1. Haha....lots of scruffy eccentrics can be found in Hostels and the staff are guarranteed friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.


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