29 Apr 2013

Monday Mixer: No Regrets

I nearly never took part this week due to technical difficulties and I thought in order to stick two fingers up at spambots I would attempt all nine prompts. My first draft was 255 words! But here it is, nine prompts, 150 words.... i hope you enjoy it!

No Regrets

Slumped, barely breathing on the craggy moraine, a gentle breeze washed over him. He opened his eyes, the planes remnants laid out like puzzle pieces, the canard intact, and gazed at the obsequious gulls as they floated on air.

Shuffling to lean against a mound resembling a tumulus, the thought chilled him, and he chose to think of it instead as a settee.

Friends had told him he was too old to fly, but he was an audacious character and had spent 92 years grasping life with both hands.

No regrets.

As his body shut down, his brain coped by creating a visage, a busy bazaar filled with his family and friends, some long gone. Scanning the crowd for her face, he heard the unmistakable sound as each stiletto trip trapped behind him, penetrating the hum of the crowd. Turning quickly to see her, he followed her into the light. 

PROMPTS: Moraine, Canard, Obsequious, Tumulus, Settee, Audacious, Bazaar, Stiletto, Penetrating.

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