6 Mar 2013



There is no tour today, our next stop is tomorrow, but that was nearly not the case!

Tomorrows host, over at Gig Blog UK, has had to postpone until 17th March and I was worried that you might not come back for the next tour stop if it was so far away! Even though it will be a great one as it is hosted by Addman at Muppets for Justice. Still, I wondered how I could make it up to you, and then something magical happened!

So in order to introduce our next host, who will be setting up the buffet table and getting the Frisbee ready, I have written a little ditty…

There was a little doggy called Ralph

Whose owners name was Spralph

Actually, it wasn’t it was Mike

‘Cos Spralph wasn’t a name that he liked

He knew a fellow blogger called Kate

Who also had identity issues of late

She had written an eBook as Marjie Myers

In the hope that she could lure eBook buyers

The eBook had a name too, don’t you know?

And aspirations of touring blogs to show

Where the inspiration for creation came from

And reveal both sides: Horror and rom-com

All the blogs that had agreed to host

Were those that the author loves most*

But alas a blogger had to postpone

Leaving only one stop with the stone

But the little doggy came out from the shadows

And to the author a question he posed

That he could be a hero and step in

And what did she do? Grin.
*I love you all equally! except maybe you...no, not you...the other one..;)

YES! Its true! None other than the Ralph (the Jack Russell) at Ralphs Life!

Ralphs life is a blog about music and music is one of my loves and led me to writing and find out how writing and music are interconnected in my world, tomorrow!

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway! The link is in the right-hand sidebar. Prizes will be revealed at the half way point & if you want to contribute some prizes to my readers then THANKS!


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