7 Mar 2013

**ON TOUR** 2nd Stop: Ralph's Life


Its time for the second stop on my Book Blog Tour and I have been kindly hosted by Mike over at Ralphs Life.

We discuss my blogging beginnings with music reviews and how that has developed into my writing and the relationship that I have with both.

I hope you will come along and have a read, they were great questions, and take the time to check out some of the other posts on his blog about music.

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Ralph's Life: The Suddenly Kate Show Music Blog: OK as Ralph never tires of saying it's not always about the bands or the music, it's about the venues, the promoters or in this c...


  1. just read Ralphs tour blog, very interesting reading, lots of insight. Liked the questions from a music angle, well written. Next.....

  2. Popping over to Ralph's blog now.


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