18 Mar 2013

#Monday Mixer Replacement Service

Today there was no Monday Mixer and so I have written a 200 word piece of flash fiction to keep me off the streets!

Here it is, feedback always welcome...

Metaphorically speaking.

A single flippant off-handed remark was like botfly larvae, the speaker a mosquito depositing it beneath the skin, it burrowed deep as it grew from a minor problem into something much worse.

At first, she had swatted the mosquito away with a jolly smile and a roll of her eyes, but the damage had been done; her skin had been pierced and the message was carried along in her bloodstream to throb in her heart.

The paranoia would eventually take her hostage, keep her locked behind closed doors with curtains drawn, and eat away at any reason that wanted to interject to save her. The guilt and shame would eat her from the inside out and threaten to drown her in her own sorrow. Her brain would battle on in a foolhardy attempt to persuade her of her worth, to convince her that she needn’t feel these things, that words were words.

If she had received prophylaxis before the attack she would never have lost so much and even though the medicine she received afterwards; kind words, pearls of wisdom, others truth and tales of experience would diminish the symptoms, it could not hide the scars, they would last forever.


  1. Paranoia; the hypochondria of a person with low self esteem. It might as well be a snake bite. Good images as usual Kate.

  2. I am pretty sure I have felt the sting of creatures who subsist by sucking the self-esteem, joy & pleasure out of the lives of others. Nicely-woven tale with great imagery and metaphoric power.

    1. Thanks :D I am going to take that as an approval that this is a suitable replacement :D


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