4 Mar 2013

Monday Mixer: Earnest Ernest

I wasnt sure I was going to enter the Monday Mixer this week, and when I saw the prompts I really didnt think I would. Then I thought that if its not challenging then what fun would that be?

The words were;
Locations: 1) firth 2) metroplex 3) hillock
Things: 1) caltrops 2) habadasher 3) crostini
Adjectives: 1) nocturnal 2) profligate 3) pensive

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Spurred on by last week I have decided to go crazy and go for Over-Achiever and have used all the prompts listed. What was I thinking?! So, here it is...

Earnest Ernest

Ernest liked living a reclusive lifestyle. He hated that the government wanted his land for development.

Ernest’s home was located precariously atop a hillock that was notable only as a marker point equidistant between the Metroplex he shunned and the firth he adored.

He was self-sufficient; grew his own vegetables, made his own rolls, crostini and pasta, kept some livestock and had skill enough to be a haberdasher and made his own clothes. He needed little electricity, but what he used, came from a wind turbine standing beside his house; interrupting the skyline like a caltrop in the clouds.

Ernest worried about cities encroaching on a once magnificent landscape. With the City braying at his door his existence became nocturnal, with no desire to be a profligate man he grew more pensive by the day as he feared that he would be swallowed whole by City officials and lost forever.


  1. You've done it again haven't you???? You've made me want to know more!!!!!!!.....Excellent job Kate.....:)

  2. Brilliant use of all prompts, far beyond me this week, I won't be using that many! Loved it!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I have a feeling this is the first and last time! lol Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nicely done, didn't feel that the prompts were shoehorned in either, flowed really well and you managed to give us a complete life in few words. Hats of to you, wont be managing that many words this week :)

  4. Excellent work getting them all in - I especially love the way you got caltrop in, the image is simply gorgeous

  5. Wow - this blew me away! You worked all the prompts in so seamlessly that I had to really LOOK for some of them!! Great writing! :)


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