5 Mar 2013

DAY 1 of the Pasty Tour

Hi All,

I recorded a brief roundup...I mean brief...its only so long because I am speaking so slowly and I wasn't sure what the hell I was waffling on about!

Check it out at your peril and expect one after each tour stop....Thanks for all your support today, its been great!


  1. Its called Ralphs Life......**slaps self silly!**

  2. Well you saved yourself by remembering the name of the Blog. Hahaha. I liked this little roundup and look forward to hearing more as the tour progresses.

    1. I had to look it up! Oh the shame...its not my fault! He is much like you and has too many identities. Haha...you and him could do a remake of Spies like us! Thanks, I should have practiced first and re-recored but its nice and brief.

    2. I've always wanted to be in a spy movie. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pigeon.

    3. To kickstarted we go! lol


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