23 Mar 2013



At last a stitchy post :D Thats the good news! The bad news is that its not my stitching. Well one piece is but from about 25 years ago - its my first ever cross stitch adventure.

But first...I dont know how I havent posted this already and I think I simply deserve to tutted at, but I am about to post a picture of a Christmas exchange piece from Maursie at Maursie's cross stitch stuff. What makes it worse is that it is an absolutely stunning piece which I adore and arrived accompanied with a jealousy inducing postcard.

Best that I just show you!

The second and last thing is that I finally took a photograph of the very first cross stitch piece that I made about 25 years ago. It was in the days when I never knew all the crosses had to go the same way, and it was  on a printed tea towel that you just stitched over the crosses. I am surprised looking at it that I actually finished it as it is quite large for a first project.  I did have to choose all the colours myself as you bought the tea towel on its own with no instructions.  I gave it to my grandmother one Christmas and it has hung in her house ever since.

I am off to watch my 6yo niece perform in a stage show and hopefully this evening I will stitch some more on my sampler or one of my WIPs! Have a great weekend all and don't be a stranger!


  1. Two lovely stitching projects.

  2. What a cute exchange piece. Your first cross stitch is adorable and what a good story to go with it.


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