31 Jan 2013

I'm still here you know!

So, I am sorting out some paperwork and I found this scrawled in a notebook...its the start of something but I obviously got distracted or gave up...or maybe it was finished...

Rose-tinted glasses obscured her view,
and ignorance her eternal bliss.
Despite what friends told her was true,
he was hers and she was his.
If ever she was sad and blue,
a cuddle, a smile, a kiss.
Was all it took to start anew,
there was no greater love than this.


  1. On my part I don't feel you need to say anything more here...you've said a lot with just a few lines...( you're very good at that ). It's succinct...and sad...and works very well to express emotions...I like this Kate!

    1. I think it was my contribution for Devotion in Five Sentence Fiction but I only managed 4. lol!
      Thanks for all your comments, I do appreciate them.

  2. Wonderful! I really like how you've captured so much in so few words!

  3. Haunting...and so beautiful. I love it :)

  4. As usual Katy, you hit the mark with very few words. It always amazes me how you can do that. And my life lately reflects those feelings. I love it. Thank you.

    1. thank you hap, I hope they are happy feelings too.


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