23 Jan 2013

Detective Rob Mason

In November, I participated (along with thousands upon thousands) of others in writing a novel. I started on 1st November and finished on 30th November. It is a murder mystery. I know, if you have read my serials they are not of that genre, but I loved writing it. I decided not to work on it until January 1st and hence the Christmas Serial. It is almost the end of January and I havent yet finished reading it through. I did post a couple of glimpses and anyone who read my Nano posts will know that one of my main characters is called Detective Rob Mason.

However, I was overcome with the desire to write something today and all my usual prompt haunts were coming up empty, so I just started to write and this was the result. It looks like my detective has a new case! I best finish tidying up the first one. Feedback always welcome :D

The feeling of fear was overwhelming. Her whole body was instantly cold. Her breathing became rapid and leaden. Her heart was pulsing blood so fast through her body that she felt dizzy, retinal flashes making her disorientated and nauseous, a madhouse of activity occurring just beneath her skin but her body was frozen. It was only a second, although it felt like minutes, and she continued on her journey home.

Reaching the house, walking through the door, closing it, leaning back against it and staring into her hallway, she realised that she no longer felt safe. Her mind raced with a million questions, each one clambering over the other, as she recalled that moment on the high street. Had he recognised her? Had he noticed her fear? Had he followed her home? She turned around and drew the bolt across, then the top bolt, and then the bottom. She turned the key in the lock and heard the click echo.

She stepped back from the door, still watching it, and unconsciously smoothed down her clothes. She could still hear her heartbeat and her mouth was agape as her panicked breaths escaped, as she tried to compose herself, she went to the phone. Picking up the receiver she dialled the number on the card, with each ring she flinched as the shrill invaded her forced calm, ‘Hello, Detective Rob Mason’, she paused and counted to seven, ‘Hello? Is anyone there? Can I help you?’, ‘Its Laura…Laura Eden…I saw him’.


  1. Oi! You can't just leave me hanging here!! You know how mithery I get!! Are you prepared for that?? OoOo do we get a new story every week? Do we?? DO WE???......( erm...I hope I don't come across as too needy!...)...;D

    1. Sadly not. I need to finish the first draft reshuffle on the Nano novel before I even start on this one :D But you cannag me about that one if you like...that way, I might sort my act out and have a WHOLE novel for you to read!

  2. here we go again, left hanging.you certainly know how to capture the readers attention. Can't wait to read the complete first novel, especially if it is going to turn into a "Rob Mason" series.


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