3 Sep 2012

Floating on a note

Floating on a note

Notes echo in my ears,
Seeping through my mind
floating in my bloodstream
encasing my beating heart.

They are gentle and crisp and clear
and my heart pulsates in time to a
melody that at once is mine.

No lyrics can speak as openly
or directly, or reach the crevices of my soul,
My eyes are moist with tears
that are inspired, filled
with joy, with fear, with love and with pain.

As the music ends, a brief reprieve
a momentary pause, an emotional minefield, a jungle of thoughts
I am bewitched and compelled by the harmony and
I play it once again.

I wrote this today 3rd September 2012 whilst listening to some instrumental music. Its pretty much how I feel about music. I just wanted to write and so I did and this was it. This is what is in my head, my heart, my soul right now.


  1. Beautifully written. You truly capture the essence of being in the moment and feeling the music.

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you. I think I have a slight music obsession - should probably write about something else! lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Joyce! Unusual to see you over hear away from stitchy land ;) Most happy to have you :D


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