4 Jun 2012

Miike Snow VIP Tickets

After I wrote my last post last week on my experience of gigs and concerts in general, the gods looked down on me and rewarded me (on the very same day I published the post) with a prize courtesy of Sony UK. The prize was 2 x VIP tickets to see and meet Miike Snow at Brixton Academy, London.

I was ecstatic - mainly because I have never won anything before, and also because I was going to get a chance to see what all the fuss is aboutwith VIP and meeting bands etc. I had listened to the band and so I knew what type of music they made. They are sort of electronic dance synth indie. I know, it sounds complicated, but it leans more towards electro-dance. Although they are called Miike Snow, they are a three piece band made up of an american and two swedes.

As you all know, I worry about things that I don't have any prior experience with and then don't sweat it when I have done it before. Had I ever done something like this before? No. So I was worried, as I didn't know how the prize worked and wanted to know the details. Seeing as the tickets were awarded to me the day before the gig, I expected a faster turnaround and some rapid communication. It didn't happen :( It also didn't help that I had managed to win tickets to see the world première of Prometheus in London Leicester Square too. So I needed to know which one I was going to go ahead with. Eventually, Sony contacted me and I decided to go to the gig. I gave my Prometheus tickets away and two people who work with my friends sister went instead.

At the time that I won, another person also won tickets, a young boy (about 17ish - I feel about 100 in comparison, after all, I have started distinguishing between boys, lads, blokes and men!) but the competition was for 18+ and he hadn't read that bit and so didn't go. I felt really bad for him because he seemed like a real fan. When I get my signed stuff from the band I am going to be sending it to him to make up for him not being able to go. There is nothing worse when you are a teenager than being told you are too young.

Anyway, we went to London and arrived at Brixton academy at half 5, the exact time that we were told to be by the stage door. There were two younger people there as well who had also won. We waited a while and wondered if we had the right place, I did my usual stuff and asked the security on one of the doors who said he didn't know anything, then we waited a while longer. It seemed silly to me and I remembered there was a phone number for if you had any problems, I called it and the guy said he would be there in 10 minutes he was just getting something to eat! Anyway, he turned up and we were taken in, and shown around the venue and the VIP area. There were great views from the VIP area but it was definitely not what my imagination had expected- was this a glimpse into the not so glamorous music industry?

What I expected.

Soft lighting, carpet, plush seating, fancy artwork or grafitti art, free bar, and fancy toilets with sofas and hand cream.

What it was like.

Very dark, linoleum floors (not even wood!), small stools and basic music themed decor, bare walls, no free bar and the toilets were the same as the general use loo's. NO hand cream.

We were told to wait and the bands assistant would bring them to meet us. At this point there were four of us, me and my friend and the two younger ones. It was sooooo awkward. We stood there waiting and then the band came around the corner. My first impression was how tall they were. Before coming I had googled them, and they all had dark hair and seemed of normal height with the lead singer looking like he was the shortest. The reality was two of them were well over 6ft with only one of them less than that. The lead singer was the tallest and was the only one with dark hair. he had shoulder length black wavy hair and a full beard -  he reminded me of a reclusive serial killer. The other two were the swedish two, and unlike their photos they had blonde hair and blue eyes and were nicely tanned. We all shook hands and it was after shaking my hand (I was first in the lineup) that they asked peoples names - I shall remain nameless in the eyes of Miike Snow, which actually is a good thing.

We all sat down and the main singer mumbled something about how they really should practice these meet and greets. He asked if any of us had any questions, and we all looked around and none of us did. Then I stood up and asked if we could have a photo - I didn't want to be in the photo - I just wanted to take theirs so that I could say - look! that's who they are to all the people who had no clue. The main guy knocked me back with - we only have ten minutes so lets talk first and save photos till the end. Ok, I said and sat back down. Its weird how you reach a certain age whereby you realise that people are just..people! Like when yo realise that your dad is just a man, its the same with celebrities. They are just people and I think its sometimes best not to meet them because it will ruin that for you. Although, I know people who have met celebrities and have not been disappointed which is good. I just find myself these days (more often than not) not caring about what people think, but just being myself.

We all sat down and to be fair the guy did his best, he took control of the conversation and asked everyone where they were from and then tried to make a tenuous link to that place. It was a weird conversation and they really do need to practice. The conversation was at one point about European politics and Estonians hatred if Russians back in the 90's. I don't know if that's the usual banter you get and it wasn't that bad really. The main singer other than looking like a serial killer was a bit spaced out and really stared at people when they spoke to him, not your normal looking in order to appear engaged, but serious staring. Anyway, before they arrived we had been told that they had some signed goodies for us, a  poster and CD, but then we were told that they hadn't arrived yet, so we might get it after the gig. This didn't happen because we were really only looked after till the gig started and that was it, but the Sony guy said he would chase the management for it. I had at this point decided I wanted it for the young boy and so it was important. When they left our meet and greet, they didn't pose for photos - they just walked off. That was quite disappointing, because if we had been real fans of the band and won the prize, I think we would have hoped for at least a photo. But what can you do.

The gig itself was a veritable light show, if you suffered from even the mildest form of epilepsy you would have been in trouble. It was fun, and some of the tracks I remembered from having listened to them. As with most things, if you are a fan then you will love it, if not it might not be such a big deal. The crowd were really trendy and perfectly coiffed which was a surprise for me, and it was SOLD OUT and everyone in there looked to be having a good time.

If I had paid for VIP tickets (I think you can to some concerts) then I would have been seriously miffed with the extras but as it was free and it really did open my eyes a bit, then I feel I got my moneys worth! lol

Sorry the pics are a bit blurry!

The End

Have you ever met anyone famous? Disappointed or pleasantly surprised?


  1. i can imagine---sometimes it's just better in our minds

    1. It just is! Its the best thing ever in my head :)

  2. It's why I never pay for the VIP package to DD...if Simon LeBon turned out to be the twat I know he probably is, it would just crush me! Best to live the dream about 10 rows back in the show!

    1. Lol! Very true, he could be nice but it would be a risk. :)

  3. Nice summary of the night babes. The lack of hand cream bugged me too haha xx

  4. Beong a relatively new follower of mine you wouldn't know of my concert going to see a famous Irish singer Namely Daniel O Donnell I have met him many times and has never been disappointed with his compassion towards other people.


    1. I often wonder if it is just new artists, I have heard that Cliff Richard is always very personable too.

  5. My experience of back stage areas is regrettably always the same as yours. Maybe the dream exists somewhere but I have not found it. Nice post

    1. Thanks Brian, that is quite disappointing! I think it should, instead of objects like square melons on riders the artists should insist on pimped out VIP rooms - surely the fans deserve that much! lol


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