13 Mar 2012

More Cake!

Hi All,

We've finally reached the big 40 on followers! How better to celebrate than some cake...yum...or rather some pictures of my mothers birthday cakes (all made by me and my sister)!

This is the cake she had on her birthday...100% chocolate....

These are the small cakes she had for the family tea.

And here is the cake that she had at her dinner!

I also need to apologise to Joyce because I completely forgot to take pictures of the yummy Chinese food! We were all too busy eating it - oops!

Here is a picture of the birthday girl with her cake and her two eldest granddaughters.

I hope you all had a busy weekend and are looking forward to IHSW this weekend :) I don't know what I will be stitching this weekend but I have good intentions...I am considering charting one of my flower photos....so watch this space....

Bye for now! I am off stalking :)



  1. Lovely cakes! and a beautiful family :-)

  2. Hello

    Those cakes look delicious!

  3. Gorgeous cakes!!! Your mom looked so happy. :D

    LOL!!! about the food, been there, done that. There was this time, my cousin and I cooked up a feast and half way through dinner, we were like ooops!! forgot to take pics!!! Looked at each other, shrugged and went back to eating. HAHAHAH!!!!

  4. Wow!  Tons of cake!  I'm lucky to get one and only when I buy it myself!! (but at least that way I know I'm getting what I like instead of something yucky!).

  5. Oh my God... all of these look so yummy! And in the same time they are so beautiful I wouldn't dare to cut them and eat them!

  6. Thanks, I don't think my mum looks 60 but then I am biased :)

  7. They were really nice, the pink cake was madeira with jam and cream - very yummy.

  8. Thanks Joyce, I guess I need to go back there in order to take the pics, right???

  9. True - I am pretty easy on the cake front....Chocolate all the way for birthdays.

  10. Thank you Topcho, they were yummy and totally worth cutting! Let them eat cake! lol


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