7 Dec 2011


So after losing my mojo, I embarked on a new project. I started ok and as I mentioned previously mentioned the thread was the wrong colour.  I had decided to just carry on and I did. But when I got almost to the end I decided that I really didnt like it..so I frogged it and restitched it!!

My mojo might just be on its way back....here's a pic of what I got done yesterday after the frogging...


  1. Lovely! Sometimes all you need for a bit of mojo pick-me-up is a new start :)

  2. Yup, your mojo's definitely back! :D

  3. At least, being at the start, it was easy to frog! I did a Noah's Ark for someone once: http://www.crossstitchworld.com/cross-stitch-detail.php?RecordID=DW9436

    Being not a particularly religious person, I do seem to end up doing a lot of religious projects for people! The giant jesus head will haunt me forever! 75 colors of brown!



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