13 Dec 2011

Coming soon...


I have been reading blogs but not posting of late, but I have some things to finish before my next post.

I have been stitching intermittently and I decided to only stitch the one horse head (if anyone remembers that) , but I found the perfect cushion in a fabric much like a horse blanket -I just need to finish it all off to give next week :)

I also really started to enjoy Noah's Ark (didn't want to put it down) but had to put it down and start stitching on a small project for my Grandma. I will post a pic of my progress next time so you can see what I got done in a couple of evenings.

The quick stitch for my Grandma is taken from Joan Elliotts book Wit and Wisdom and I am about halfway done  - again I will post a picture next time.

I cant believe that it is IHSW already! I had completely forgotten :) It is very likely that my IHSW post will include all the updates mentioned here so might be quite long.

I better get on and finish of the gift piece and then focus on the finishing - fun?!

I hope everyone has a great IHSW this weekend.

Kate x

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  1. Enjoy your stitchy weekend, Kate. Can't wait to see the pics. :D


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