21 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!

Morning everyone!

Many thanks for all your lovely comments on my IHSW post - they are greatly appreciated.

I gave the cushion yesterday, and you were all right! She absolutely loved it - big sigh of relief.

I worked on Monday night for about 6 hours on the Geisha, but you wouldn't know it, filling in the gaps is very time consuming - so much so that I think I will have to aim to finish it for my mums 60th on March 7th - which is much more doable.  It is one of the problems when you have been working on a project for so long, I must have started it about 10 years ago! Good intentions and all that :) But many of those years I didn't stitch a thing. I think she would be great stitching from scratch - if anyone plans to - I chose her out of all the Geishas as she has so much colour, and I didn't want to get bored. The colours are much brighter than the photographs show them to be.

I am now finishing off a couple of ornaments that needed putting together and wondering what the next year will bring.  I have joined theme-a-licious and will definitely be taking part in IHSW. It was actually a search for international stitch that landed me on Joyces blog Random Ramblings - and got me into this whole stitchy blog malarkey - so you can blame her! lol :)

I am starting to think that I should have some clear plans of what I will be stitching.....hmmmmm....I am definitely not up for the WIPocalypse as I don't have enough stash for that. I will be stitching a Mirabilia and hopefully at some point start a HAED I have. I think I will wing it and see how I get on - I am sure my WIPs combined with knitting and then I hope to learn to crochet next year - will keep me very busy indeed.

**edit** I am also doing some book reading challenges next year, some hopefully will be audio so I can stitch and some graphic novels too! All the info is on my other blog off the island.

So without further ado...I would like to wish all visitors a very merry christmas and a happy new year! I didnt want to infringe copyright, so I tried to draw a xmas pic on paint - yes, it does look like a 5 year old has done it - so lets just pretend it was my invisible child!

and a happy new year!

Kate x


  1. I agree! WIPApocalypse is way out of my league! There is no way I could do it either! With my obsessive nature I'd be crazy!!

  2. Me??? I'm innocent!! LOL!!!!! I'm glad you found IHSW, it's so much fun having you along for the ride.

    Merry Christmas and I think it's a beautiful card you made. :D


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