19 Dec 2011

IHSW December 2011 update

Hello Again,

Here are some updates...

1. I had started to stitch a small thing from Joan Elliots Wit and Wisdom book.


The original design was...

As tends to be the case, I didnt have the colours that the pattern required and so I used my own choice - not too different, and I think it works well.

2. I also worked on the Noahs Ark that had helped me  to get my mojo back...

Before IHSW...

After IHSW...

3. I worked on the Geisha girl and am hoping to get it finished by the end of this week. It is a bit bitty, due to the nature of my sewing style! 

Here it is before IHSW...

Here it is after IHSW...

Its hard to see which bit has been done, so here is a close up of the bottom left! Did you notice? lol!

Off to check everyone else'd updates :) and then back to stitching.

Kate x


  1. lovely colour change in the JE. and your geisha is looking lovely. You have made lots of progress on the Noahs ark too. great work this weekend!

  2. Kate, I love the color changes to the Joan Elliot ornament and you got a lot of stitching done on N/Ark, too. As for the geisha... she is simply stunning and it looks like you're close to a finish, too. Simply beautiful!

  3. Your Joan Elliot piece turned out great!

    Great progress on both your Noah's Ark and your Geisha-she looks beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing more of her!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend stitching!

    I love the Geisha!!!

  5. Great work on your wips this weekend Kate. It looks like you got so much done! Love that geisha...wow!

  6. You did a lot this weekend.

    Hugs Yvon.

  7. Nice colour changes on your new start this weekend! Looks like you made good progress on all of your projects!

  8. Love the JE finish, Kate and you sure got a lot added to Noah's Ark.

    Ahhh, the geisha... I might have her on next year's to-do list.... she's so pretty!!! :D

  9. Wow, you made some great progress on your wip's. Congrats on a great stitchy weekend.

  10. You were very busy little stitcher! I like your ornament finish -- very pretty.

  11. Kudos to you for managing to work on more than one project! I hope I grow up to be like you one day!

  12. your geishe looks gorgeous, keep going with her!

  13. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to following your posts and stitching. I love your geisha, the colours are beautiful.


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