24 Nov 2011

Who'd have thought it

After finishing the horse on Tuesday night, I decided to dedicate Wednesday to other things.  Of which I was unable to do any of them!

I couldn't find my advent calendar :(
I didn't fix my printer :(
I never sorted out quiz questions :(

I did spend a day with my sister and nieces :)

When they went home in the evening I read some blogs and signed up to theme-a-licious! After that, I was sort of bored...started twiddling my thumbs...and decided that I could probably stitch something, and picked up a magazine freebie to stitch. I did this whilst watching Christmas movie channel! I love Christmas :) I haven't quite finished but here is a progress pic. I hope to finish it today after I have been to a couple of nearby stitch shops :)  Then I will finish off my Santa exchange so that it can be posted off tomorrow! I know some people don't like these but  these kits are pretty good - as they come with all the felt, ribbon, buttons,aida and thread etc. that you need to make the ornament. I have another one from the month before for making three others (have misplaced the magazine at the moment with the pattern in - but could do any pattern) and the issue that is out next week has three more!

I can't post today without wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America! Have a great day filled with fun and laughter and maybe some yummy scrumptious food :)

I'm off to make Devils Food Cake  - better the devil you know, eh?

P.S I have added a post to Off the Island and need recommendations, so don't be shy!


  1. Hey, a little stitching is better than no stitching!

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect way to spend the day... with your sis and nieces. :D

    Cute ornament!


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