22 Nov 2011

Last night

Hi all,

Last night I decided to pick up with doing some more work on the horses.  I had stopped for a break because I had gone wrong.  I know there are people out there who would have undone it all but not me! I did undo some when I noticed I had gone wrong but then I went wrong and thought, oh well. Then I carried on.  I don't think the error is too obvious at the moment and when it is finished and the backstitch is done it shouldn't be noticeable at all.  It has made me think that I should be more methodical. I don't mark the fabric and I don't colour in the pattern which I imagine are both preventative measures.  I much rather prefer to think of my piece as unique (who am I kidding) and unlikely to be the same as anyone else's - even if they stitch the same pattern.  I was originally thinking that I would finish the Geisha but decided on the horses as the Geisha doesn't have a deadline.

This is where I am currently up to.  I am not working this week so I am hoping to make a lot of progress. it also means that I might subject you to daily updates to see how I am getting on.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the Christmas cards and all the lovely comments you have given me EVER!


  1. Your horse looks so realistic and cute! Wonderful job :-)

  2. That's the way I was when I realized I had used the wrong color on Donald's face on Mickey and Friends...it would have been WAY too much trouble to try and fix it...I had to live with it (I thought it might kill me!). Kudos to you for sticking with it and honestly, no one will notice but you (and hopefully you won't be like me and your eye won't got to that very spot every single time you look at it!).

  3. love the horse and the fabric you have chosen is beautiful.

  4. I opt for the uique and unrepeateable piece, especially when even I cannot repeat the pattern :) I grid only my HAED, and do not color anything, it took too much time. Maybe less than frogging but you never know:))))

  5. Thanks for all the comments - I have been impressed with the kit actually and must review it soon. Sadly Keebles I am right with you there, I do notice everytime I look at it BUT as long as no-one else can see! Hey Agi - lol! - you may be right but I am too lazy to keep stopping to colour in and then what if I colour in the wrong bit! I guess I really do need to pay more attention and be more methodical. Maybe next years resolution......maybe not! ;)

  6. Well I can't tell there is anything wrong with it! But then again I don't know the design very well. i have to colour in a highlighter is my best friend but then again I am a pedantic person!


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