12 Nov 2011

A WIP update (2)


On Wednesday afternoon I posted my stitching update on the horses kit that I bought at an exhibition and I had stitched in Monday and Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday evening I went with a friend to the Cinema and to dinner.  We saw Tower Heist. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be in all honestly and it was very light-hearted.  We also went to Pizza Express :) We totally used the Orange Wednesday offers with 241 on the cinema tickets and cheapest main meal free on the Pizza Express.  You are also able to get your parking money refunded by the cinema if you go to get tickets before 6pm.  It all worked out really well and a cheapish evening at only £12 for tickets and dinner. On Monday my friend has free tickets to the cinema to see the preview of 50/50 with Jo-Go and Seth Rogen.  I wish films were released at the same time everywhere.  I am keen to see this film as I have a soft spot for Jo-Go and I am intrigued too after seeing him earlier in the year in Hesher.

But back to the stitching - after not doing any on Wednesday, I managed to get some done on Thursday evening. I had hoped for Friday too but my 5 year old niece came to stay! I did manage an hour or so and then had to stop.  I wasn't happy to just sit idle so I finished off the small scarf I started with the wool/yarn I bought last week.  My niece was happy to model it too! here are some pics....

I also had a lovely surprise yesterday, I had originally arranged to meet friends at work on my birthday (weeks ago now) for lunch but one of our group was unwell and the next week she was on annual leave and so it had been delayed. Yesterday we all met up and they surprised me with snacks and cava. It was really sweet and the woman who arranged it all is the one who I am stitching the horses for! I hate having my photo taken but here is a pic anyway, it was such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do....

 I am hoping to finish the first horses head this weekend and start on the Snowmen. I need more than one thing to do so I don't get bored.

I hope you all have a productive weekend too :)


P.S I have updated my books and finishes pages....and my niece has sewn a bear! (*coming soon*)


  1. Kate, your progress on the horse looks wonderful and your niece is such a cutie. :) The color of that scarf looks beautiful on her, too. Happy Belated Birthday!! (it's never too late to celebrate) ;)

  2. Your horse is looking lovely, and your neice looks stunning in that scarf.

  3. The horse is looking great, Kate. Your niece is too cute. :D


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