25 Oct 2011

Guess where?

Last week I ordered two books and they arrived today! I have been inspired too of what to stitch for the Stitch St Nick exchange I am doing with Tiki.  I wanted to check out her blog to see if I thought it is something that she would like......but she is a newbie like me and there is not much to see to give me any clues!  So I am going to have to just go for it and get stitching :)  It will be a long time until I will be able to post a picture of it as our deadline is December 1st.

Also check out this wonderful womans blog and her amazing giveaway; http://herachronicles.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/halloween-cross-stitch-giveaway

On a non-stitchy note, my travel plans hit a brick wall yesterday and then I found a route around it and then **BANG!** another brick wall appeared so I found another route around and now this evening the first wall is starting to crumble and I now have two routes! Which way do I go? I have a new blog dedicated to the conundrum of my non stitchy life at: leavingmomuboocrea.blogspot.com or check out the side bar on the right for Off the Island.  Also I will take something to sew on my travels so if anyone has a suggestion of something that works in parts and  could be done in 8 weeks - greatly appreciate it.

So because I haven't stitched or knitted this past week, here are some pics from a previous trip....

Anyone know where it is?


I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Spill the beans...

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