3 May 2017

Top 5 books on my must-read list

Hey there!

A day late I know but I am here...this weeks Top 5 was suggested by Tiff over at Tiffstitches so go and check out her blog :)

It turns out that a long day of thinking about this has left me three books short! So I will post the two and then the remaining three I will add later after I have checked out everyone's suggestions.

I am far more likely to read a recommended book than one that I see in a chart.


Two Evils by PJ Tracy – They are a mother and daughter writing duo who write about crime. Its main characters are a dour detective and a team of tech genius’ called Monkeewrench. I was hooked after the first book and have enjoyed all of them so far. I bought this book and started it but have not had time to really sit and read it as my hands are busy stitching! But as it’s a ‘real’ book I must read it this year.

Image result for two evils by pj tracy


Walking Dead Graphic Novel – the only horror I like, I don’t watch the show but love these graphic novels. I am one behind which I need to get. Each one only takes and hour or so to read and is a real treat when I do. They average at two books a year so I shall get to read another in the autumn.

Image result for walking dead graphic novel book 27

the rest to follow...

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