11 Apr 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays: Top 5 things to accompany your stitching

Hey there,

So I missed last week because time escaped me, I was running around chasing it like a headless chicken and by the time I grabbed the irksome little oik it was today!

So, as I pondered on a theme for today and to-ed and fro-ed between a few, I finally rested upon...

Top 5 things that accompany your stitching, please join in and leave me a link and interpret as you see fit.

1. My cat! Muse.

2. Netflix! And an assortment of TV shows...recent things i have been watching, The Night Shift, Cleverman, Travellers, and so many more....basically I will watch any crime related or sci-fi shows. Cleverman is a really good Australian sci-fi drama and well worth a watch. Oh yes...and comedy...have to have some light relief :)

Image result for cleverman

3. Pouffe - I have to have my feet up - I am pretty sure that must be a stitching rule? I don't use a frame or hoop often, and I have the one needleminder (thanks keebs) and I have a light and magnifying glass but rarely use that either! So my pouffe (which is a sewing box too) is my footrest.

4. A cold drink of some sort - I do occasionally get a cup of tea but that ends up getting cold between sips so a cold drink wins the day.

5. Last but not least...My phone...so I can check out charts, patterns and in some cases I am stitching a pattern which is on my phone.

How about you? 


  1. Good list Kate, mine is TV - usually Netflix, cushions and heat pack, pen and pencil, phone and a cup of coffee going cold!

  2. I get too distracted by my phone - I can look at facebook put it down for a couple of minutes and find tonnes of new things because I'm in that many crafty groups.

  3. What a beautiful cat, I love black cats. I don't have one to accompany my stitching. I have my laptop and sometimes a boy and his constant demands for food and drink!


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