16 Feb 2016

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Movie Heroes

So...I thought this would be easy and then  remembered my terrible memory and so with that in mind I went off in search of someone else's list...and have provided feedback on their suggestions...but what happened was, it made me compare some of them to people who i thought were better heroes ..heheheh...So here goes...

Top 10 Movie Heroes

So I found a site that had not 1, not 5, not even 10 movie heroes but 100! Yep, that is way too many and in spot 100...

1. Karate Kid's Danny LaRusso

Now, I don't know about you but he does not need to be at 100, when I was a kid watching this movie he was great. He got the girl, he won the fight, he made best friends with the old dude and he won the respect of the other Karate kids with that funky crane move. Admittedly, he is no Mr Darcy...we'll get to that...but he doesnt deserve to be 100, childhood heroes are hard to come by.

2. Mr Darcy (as played by Colin Firth)

Now I know a certain person (heres looking at you keebs) who may lean towards Matthew McFadyen for this honour but the brooding of one Mr Colin Firth is unbeatable and also I get two for one as he is an awesome crumpled leading man and Bridget Jones anyone...

3. Captain America

When I thought of this topic I thought of this guy first...mainly because he is the clichéd all american hero but also because he is (unashamedly) easy on the eye. He is my favourite avenger.

4. Aragorn from LOTR

I guess movie heroes can be interpreted in so many ways, the unsung heroes, the obvious heroes, the i dont wanna be a hero heroes...but this another in the swoonsome variety and i am starting to think I may have a problem...doh!

5. John McLaine from Die Hard

I need an action hero, and back in the days of the TV show Moonlighting I must admit to having a small crush on him, but in Die Hard - he just makes me laugh! But he saves the day and thats what its all about :).....ohhhhh hokey cokey cokey...

6. Bond....James Bond...but the only bond that matters played by ...Sean Connery.

My...he was something, right? Sexist, sure. Misogynist, sure. Arrogant, sure. Swarthy, sure. A hero...double sure. I am glad to say that the character is slowly working on all of his flaws but it is a slow ongoing process.

7. Rooster Cogburn from True Grit

I have a confession to make, I do like a western, and I like John Wayne...even though I have probably seen the John Wayne version of this, I can't remember seeing it! But I did see the remake as it stars one of my favourite actors Jeff Bridges.

8. Lassie

There has to be an animal hero, and there are so many in animated movies that I could have picked one of those, but back before the movie going market was over flowing with animation, it was interspersed with such classics like Lassie. (I am a sucker for any animal movie, Homeward Bound, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Beethoven etc.)

9. Wonder Woman

Growing up, there was one female hero who I wanted to be and that was Wonder Woman  - do I need to explain this? I think not. She was awesome.

10. Inspector Clueseau from Pink Panther

The Pink Panther movies are just classics (I am talking the originals with Peter Sellers) and if you havent seen them you really must! I have them on DVD and am now thinking that I must watch one of them tonight.

There are so many different ways you can work this, that I am thinking maybe I should have been more specific, but maybe next time! So who is your favourite Movie Hero?


  1. Great list! And you're up before the rest of us. :) I'm finishing mine up and despite temptation I won't re-use any of yours.

  2. We have similars! But yes, I do lean more toward Matthew, but Colin is a close second (and was first before Matthew came along).

    1. Hehe...But Matthew doesn't have that surly crumpled face.

  3. I do agree with you about Colin Firth ;) I know she's technically a game character but there were 2 films so I would have Lara Croft on my list.

    1. I would have included Lara Croft if she wasn't linked to Angelina Jolie...lol!

  4. I definitely lean more towards Tiff's list this week!
    Ripley has got to be one of my all time favourite heroes!
    But you do get points for Aragorn LOL

    1. Haha...I am not even sure I have seen Ripley - I'm a bit odd. Well...who can argue with Aragorn?!

  5. You've come with an interesting group. Definitely agree on Colin Firth.

  6. Lassie over Wonder Woman? (sigh)

    At least you redeemed yourself with the Bond and Rooster Cogburn picks.


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