28 Aug 2015

Updates and a stay of execution!

Good Afternoon!

Update time...lets start with Frozen shall we?  As you know  had stitched some blue, and I stitched some more blue but I did make a mistake and whilst I was considering whether or not to frog, I decided to consult with my manager and client! (Ebony)

Me: Ebony...do you want the blue background or would you be ok with it just all being white?
Ebony: Erm....I do like the blue...but I think that might take you a very long time! You can just make it all white for my surprise on my birthday and then after that you can add the blue.
Me: Ok, thanks.

So she granted me a stay of execution! and today whilst out I came across the perfect frame and so I have unpicked the blue and just need to give it a wash and iron and frame it. Monday I will post the birthday girl holding the finished product!

I have also stitched on my santa ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL but have only about a quarter done. This weekend I will be focussing on the remaining three quarters. I have noticed though that a lot of people have chosen to stitch on plastic canvas and I must say the finished products are looking fab and the design choices are great, so great that I am thinking about next year already! lol

So after this weekend, I should be free to stitch on any of my WIPS or maybe even a new start, I am leaning more to a WIP. I discovered some projects that I thought I had lost and so I have them to do, a couple are actually very close to finishes so I might just work on those ones. I also found some stashed charts so I have been reminiscing.

During the reminiscing phase I got the idea into my head that I would buy some second hand cross stitch books, and they came today, I must say that I am happy with all but one of the books. This is pretty good and all the designs are very different and I am definitely inspired to stitch some of them. I was going to discuss them in this post but I think I might save that for another day. 

Oh, did I mention I have a job till the end of the year? No? Well, yeah! Phew! Which means I need to be super organised. 

As some of you know I have started a new blog thingy majig called Top 10 Tuesdays and feel free to join in as often or as little as you like, this coming month of September we have five Tuesdays! 

I have listed the dates and the themes for those weeks below for those of you who want to think about them in advance. Some months may have themes that link each week together so look out for those. I shall add more weeks themes as we work through them so that the upcoming five weeks will always be available to see (in the sidebar in the left hand side) beneath the badge (feel free to add to your blog) and links to the blogs participating. 

So with Summer coming to an end, lets spend September thinking about Summer:

1st Sept: Top 10 books to read in the next 12 months
There may be some weeks that are book related, and I like to read a book or two over the summer especially, and I figured why not look forward to the next 12 months. Maybe you will be rereading an old favourite, or maybe a best seller has caught your eye, whatever it may be share it with us.

8th Sept: Top 10 dream destinations
Maybe not this summer, maybe last summer or maybe next, where are your dream holiday destinations? Are you a love of sun, sand and see? Are you happier on the piste?

15th Sept: Top 10 things to do near here
You don't have to go away to feel like a tourist, where would you visit if you were a tourist in your village/town/city? or nearby?

22nd Sept: Top 10 cakes to make you bake
I don't bake but I love to watch baking shows! Sometimes I see cakes and think, yum! I should bake that. What cakes are you inspired to bake? Maybe you have seen or heard of a recipe that you would like to try. You hate baking? Then tell is your Top 10 reasons that you hate to bake. 

29th Sept: Top 10 songs of summer
Summer isnt summer with out a song that infects your brain...is it? Maybe you have some summer songs that you love? maybe there are some new ones that you can't stop listening to? whatever reason tell us about them this week.

I shall be back Monday with a Finish for Frozen, and a finish for the Christmas Ornament SAL, and maybe a book review or two.

Hope you all have a great weekend and if you are having a bank holiday on monday then enjoy that too!


  1. Hooray for Ebony! That saved you from some marathon stitching nights. Must get my Santa finished this weekend as well.

  2. Phew, nice save on Frozen and congrats on the job! Great news. Thanks for listing the topics as well. :)


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