18 Aug 2015

Top 10 Tuesday #1

Today is the first ever Top 10 Tuesday and I am hoping that a few of you will join in, if not now then eventually, and yesterday I announced that the starting theme would be....free choice!

I thought that was a good idea...until I realised I had to come up with a top 10, oh yes....now I remember how this 'good idea' of mine works! 

Today I have decided to reveal some of my darkest secrets...I am going to give you my... 

Top 10 TV shows (Reality edition)

I need to first clarify what I mean by reality as I don't just mean the likes of 'Jersey Shore' (not on my list!) but also shows where people are competing for a crown or a prize etc. There are many many shows like this and here is my Top Ten (in reverse order) and my explanations will follow at the end of the list...heheh

10. 24 hours in A&E

British television series following the hard and dedicated work of the NHS doctors and nurses battling to keep Britain alive and well.

9. Made in Chelsea

Reality television series following the lives of a group of rich some what spoiled young adults living in South London, England and their daily dramas with relationships, gossip and lavish holidays.

8. Catfish

Tackles the mystery and complexities of dating in a digital world.

7. My Cat From Hell

Jackson deals with cats that are not very well behaved. He helps couples and all sorts of people with their behavioral issues.

6. Say Yes to the Dress/I Found the Gown

Brides-to-be from all over America come to New York to find their perfect wedding dress.

5. Impractical Jokers

Q, Sal, Joe and Murr are real-life best friends who love challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and stunts ever caught on hidden camera.

4. Tattoo Fixers

Three talented tattoo artists transform extreme inking disasters into walking works of art as clients with regrettable tattoos visit their pop-up parlour for a badly needed body art consultation.

3. Great British Bake Off

Bakers attempt three challenges each week trying to impress the judges enough to go through to the next round and eventually are crowned Britain's best amateur baker.

2. Great British Menu

Top British chefs compete against each other and are scored by a panel of acclaimed judges for the chance to cook one course of a four course banquet.

1. Desi Rascals

TOWIE-style reality soap following a cast of British Asians in the diverse and wealthy suburbs of west London.

Some of you may be wondering why Desi Rascals is my number one choice...well...you need to watch Series 1. It is a reality style soap I guess, much like Made in Chelsea, but there are some good characters in this. 

The food shows, well, I don't cook but I wish I could! The hosts of the Bake Off (Mel & Sue) I have been a fan of since I was in university (when they first appeared) and I like this show a lot as its drama free watching. I love the Great British Menu because they are usually competing to cook at a big ceremony or event (check previous Series) and this year it is the Womens Institutes 100th birthday. They not only have to produce meals that match the brief in terms of ingredients but also in presentation and some of them so far have been awesome.

The wedding dress show I have no explanation for but I really do find them easy to watch whilst stitching....is that excuse good enough?

My Cat from Hell should really be called cat owners who no nothing about cats! 

And the others are mere fodder for me :) I do really only watch these when nothing else is on...except the top 4 of course!

Do you have a guilty reality show pleasure?


  1. I'm one of those people that hate reality TV in all its forms, it's one of the reasons why giving up satellite and switching to HULU has been so rewarding (although I haven't been able to watch TV at all lately). But having said that, I have been known, a time or two, to dip my toes in the reality pool. Luckily, I get over it quickly.

    1. Hehe...i think you have to check in every now and then to see what 'reality' is like. I include docu-series in this category and am surprised there aren't any that appeal to you but then again fantasy and make-believe is so much better! :)

  2. I'm not a huge reality TV fan, but I do watch The Amazing Race (American and Canadian versions) and the food show Chopped, again both American and Canadian.

    1. I am intrigued by this 'Chopped' show and will have to check YouTube and see what its all about...I do have a thing for cooking shows...even though I don't cook!

  3. Great picks! My guilty reality shows are the food ones, Ace of Cakes, Cake-offs, Chopped, Restaurant Nightmares, etc.

    1. I think i saw part of an american show which was about a struggling restaurant - they are hypnotic because you cant always believe the way they are run or the people that own them. Ace of Cakes I watched a log time ago but there was a lot of wood, these big cakes are have wood and half fondant icing! lol I do sometimes catch the one with Buddy?

  4. Oh, I love "Say Yes to the Dress" and "The Great British Bake Off", thank goodness for our dear old Aussie, Rupert Murdoch and his attempt to take over the world with Foxtel, I say!


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