24 Jun 2015

10 stitchy gadgets (26)

I love gadgets! Whether they are technology based or user specific and so I had a look at what was out there for the stitchers amongst us...and here are my top ten stitchy gadgets that I found on Etsy (that I want or use). I chose Etsy as it is 10 this year! and 10 is the number. [Click on the image to take you to the Etsy shop]

1. Laying tool
Now I looked this up on YouTube, and watched some stitchers using this technique, and I like it. However,  tested it out to see what the difference was and if you take your time anyway you don't really need a laying tool, this said I could see how it could easily fit into a rhythm and I quite liked that idea. So I had a browse at what style of laying tools there were - when i tested the technique I just used a needle.

Laying Tool, Pewter Laying Tool, Ornate Pewter Laying Tool, Needlework Accessories, Pewter Needlepoint Accessories, Elizabethan Laying Tool

I like the simplicity of this pewter one and it feels very arts and crafty in style too,

2. Erasable highlighter
I am not sure if this is on Etsy as well...its not homemade....but I like the idea of being able to erase highlighter! Of course someone as precise and accurate as me wouldn't make any mistakes colouring in the wrong squares but....
Pilot Frixion Erasable Highlighter, 6 Colors; Japanese Import; Pilot Erasable Frixion Highlighter, Marker, Pen
Apparently they are homemade?? Hmm. Some artistic license.
3.A needle magnet
These come in so many varieties! And I like the idea but apparently they can be easy to misplace.

Disney Pin NEEDLE MINDER/Magnet - a big help for cross stitch and embroidery workers!

I saw this one and it reminded me of Keebs zooming along with her stitching and I really love the vintage feel to it.

4. Needle keeper
By this I mean a place you keep your needles, some of you may have stitched your own needle case or had one stitched for you, but I saw a really nice (possibly pewter again) one for keeping needles in. I couldnt find that but I like this one too and it looks quite tactile.

1909 Boye Needle Company/ Sewing/ Needle Holder/ Wooden Container/ Vintage
5. Thread cutter
I don't have one of these but I would like one that i could hang around my neck, mainly because I lose my scissors, in a single night I can get through three pairs, and slowly find them again over the following few days.

Thread Cutter Pendant ~ Antique Gold by Clover CL455
Just something simple like this will do me.

6. Scissors fob
As mentioned above I misplace scissors all the time, and i was wondering if they had a lovely fob on them they might be easier to see.

Spring Frolic Wooden Scissor Fob

I saw lots of lovely beaded ones, but the arts and crafts style, and the colours appealed to me with this one. As well as it being wooden, even if it is a bit large, but surely even I couldnt lose my scissors with this????

7. Armchair organiser
I sometimes see people with the needle minders on their stitching, but also sometimes see in YouTube videos etc. that people have all manner of magnets on their frame to hold all there stuff. I like simplicity and would probably only use one for a needle but I would like a place to keep all the other bits and bobs....like the highlighter! and the scissors and oh other stuff...lol!

DMC Armchair Needlework Organizer
This is the DMC one that I saw before and sadly there arent that many 'homemade' ones on Etsy but I will keep my eyes open for one.
8. Q-snap cover
I once won a giveaway and one of the prizes was a Q-snap cover and i meant that I needed to have a q-snap. I don't mind q-snaps but I am quite old fashioned and like a embroidery hoop...do they have embroidery hoop covers?

Apparently not! I must be the only person who would be interested in having one :( Ah well! Here is a q-snap cover...

Q-Snap Cover "Grime Guard" Custom Made to Order 8x8" ; 11x11" ; 11x17"

I chose this one because of the funky star trek fabric.

9. Project bag
There was a magazine that I used to get and it would sometimes have a free gift and this would be supposedly for your makeup - but it was an A4 sized pouch and a smaller pouch to match and they were waterproof too. These were ideal for projects on the go as the fabric and pattern would fit in the larger pouch and the scissors and current thread in the smaller pouch and they also had a chain to connect them together if you so desired. Ideal! But they no longer do that and I am searching for a similar replacement or better still a project bag, the requirements are....not too big, not too small, must be waterproof, must be pretty or funky and must be reasonably priced....is that too much to ask?? Could well be....anyhoo..I checked Etsy for project bags and this was the best of what they had...

thats right I couldnt find anything....:(

10. This spot is dedicated to the gadget you want? What is missing from your stitchy stash?


  1. I have a needle minder - wouldn't stitch without it now. The ones I get the magnet is also strong enough to keep scissors. Also have the thread cutter - essential if you want to take a project with you on an airplane. Also have a Q-snap cover and a project bag. The bag is very special - Sept. of 2011 I went to a stitching retreat and one of the ladies made each of us a bag. Big enough to hold a leaflet sized chart plus threads, scissors, highlighter, etc. etc. It's waterproof, she attached our first name in beads to the zipper grip and decorated it with a fabric strip that shows the Canadian provincial flowers, making sure the right flower for each person was in the centre of the strip. Needless to say, it's constantly in use!

    1. Wow! That's a really wonderful and thoughtful gift. It's good to know that all the gadgets come in useful. Sometimes you can acquire dust collectors! Lol

  2. Hello Kate. I follow Tiffstitch and she keeps showing how you both are doing the lists. So I thought I would pop over and see your blog. I love my Q-Snaps and my covers. I also love my needle minders now. Come on we have to have some bling with our things haha. Nice to "meet" you.

    1. Hi! What a fantastic name :)
      Yes, having someone else do the lists has kept me going even if I am a little behind! I need to persevere.
      Thanks for stopping by to say hi, it's good to meet you too.

  3. I always want a certain gadget, but it often becomes absolutely useless once I have it, so I have a whole drawer filled with useless stitching gadgets.

    I do have that chair sleeve thing and I tend to use it a lot, although it rarely stays in place and "walks" all over the chair arm.

    I was so excited when I got my first needle minder and it lasted all of two minutes because I promptly lost the back to it and it became a fridge magnet (and you know I needed more of those!). I like the idea of it, but the execution just isn't good for a spaz like me. That particular needle minder you are showing is an actual Disney pin (with the pokey part removed - hopefully) and, if you didn't guess, I do have it, along with the entire rest of the set...they actually match my "real" Donald rubber duckies. It's Donald riding Space Mtn. There is also a Splash Mtn, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Patriotic Donald, and Fireman Donald (there actually might be another one, but I can't remember it).

    Oh, and I have a pair of your scissors (as well as part of a Q-snap edge) that you left at my house. I've got to send that back to you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Really? I left scissors behind? what a surprise! lol If only it was. Hasn't the past year gone quick! I knew it was an original pin and I knew you would have it - hehehehe. I really like that though.

    3. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Really? I left scissors behind? what a surprise! lol If only it was. Hasn't the past year gone quick! I knew it was an original pin and I knew you would have it - hehehehe. I really like that though.

  4. I can't live without my needle minders now and I've got a bit of a collection now...i may have a slight problem!

    Love my scissor fobs, I decided to learn to make my own, they are actually pretty easy and it's really fun.

    I also bought a small sewing machine to make my own QSnap covers so that I could pick fabric that I liked! I thought I might be able to finish off some of the stuff I've stitched but I haven't been that brave yet! There are ones you can buy for hoops, I know that there are people in FB groups that make and sell them.

    I tend to use A4 zip pouches as project bags, although I've recently bought a lovely Unicorn bag with lots of cool pockets that will be used as my stitching "go-bag".

    1. I shall have to look into that facebook page, thanks.

      Haha! A needle minder or 700? Isnt the expression, the more the merrier? Not sure its meant about needle minders but still!


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