11 Jun 2015

10 reasons todays blog is pants (20)

So todays post is a list of the 10 reasons why its not going to be a proper post!

1. I have been really busy at work and that has drained me of focus and my attention span now is like...well...i'm thirsty...what? oh yeah...my attention span has gone walkabouts.

2.  It warm today! Its like its summer or something, which if you are in the UK you will know that the weather has been more inconsistent and changeable than usual.

3. Yesterday I posted twice, and one of those (the poems) required a lot more than the other (the cute pics) and I guess I am a little disheartened that I had zero comments on the poems (as you wear your heart on your sleeve with poetry) but I understand, poetry isnt for everyone and is totally subjective and at least people still stopped by for a look (according to my site stats).

4. I have been thinking a lot about my appointment that I had last week with the Rheumatologist...I asked her outright if I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and she said yes...so I am a bit bummed about that. Every person is different and everything so I am staying positive...I am just not happy about it.

5. The five miles i've been walking everyday since monday is starting to catch up with and I am quite tired! But only one more day till the weekend? What are you doing?

6. I stumbled upon a HAED chart today that i hands down HAD to have! It is practically a pic of me and my cat...if drawn by Jasmine Becket Griffith.

And I am hoping to get the fabric and everything prepped and ready to start on Sunday and have been consulting with my HAED consultant and all around go to girl Keebs about it.

7. I saw a kit yesterday and noticed that it was discontinued but found it online and ordered it anyway and that will arrive saturday! So I now will have some WIPS...I also need to go shopping this weekend for some fabric to stitch on :D Exciting, huh!

8. I read some blogs today in lieu of coming up with 10 things for one of my lists.

9. I spent an inordinate amount of time coming up with this list!

10. There is no number 10....so insert here what has distracted you today?


  1. :) I just commented on your poems. I don't know about everyone else, but it took me 2 days to absorb everything that's in them. Plus people often don't talk about how poetry affects them. I felt sadness, joy, wonder and was intrigued by your structure in at least one of them. So you're my distraction today. :)

    I'm excited about your WIPs! Will you add pupils to the cat in the HAED? They kind of freak me out, but that might be the point.

  2. I think that is the point but I am not a fan....I was going to mess with the chart but have decided to satin stitch pupils and also white on the chest. I will change some of the colour in the eyes as Muse has Green as opposed to yellow eye. I'm excited to say the least.

    Thanks re. the poems...I think I am just impatient :) lol! and us writers crave good and bad feedback.

  3. I haven't seen your poem post yet, so don't fret! Serial posts tend to get really old about midway, so you're doing fine!

  4. I think you have come up with some great lists - keep this up and you may be doing a diary yet! Sorry to hear about the RA - that is NOT a diagnosis anyone wants to hear.


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