20 May 2015

10 cross stitch projects (8)

Hello and welcome back!

Some of you may remember the great fire of 2013 that destroyed everything I held dear and included in that is some of my WIPs. It is one way of getting your WIPs 'finished off' but not quite the best. This list is made up of my WIPs (2), my stash (5) and my wishlist (3).  So lets not waste another moment and see whats waiting for me....all WIP picture I will upload tomorrow.

1. Spaniola
I just liked this and it was the first almost HAED project that I have started/done.

2. Santa (WIP)
This is the oldest project that I have, and is usually taken out for a week or so at christmas and on occasion it gets a few more stitches.

3. Sampler (WIP)
This is my lunch time project which I stitch at work, so it progresses very slowly, I chose to stitch it on black aida, and also opted for a variegated thread! Why do I punish myself?

4. Mirabila, Lady of the Mist (Stash)
This I liked because of the greens, the flowers and the ladies pose - to me it is as if she is sitting in the garden for the first time that its been warm enough and just enjoying feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin.

5. Gypsy queen ....maybe? (Stash)
I shall dig this out an find out the correct details (and for all the others too) but its very bright and very flamboyant and very orange and my love for orange know no bounds. I just need to get some fabric to stitch all of these projects on.

6. NYC (Stash)
The eagle-eyed amongst you may recall a post I wrote expressing how I NEEDED this pattern and I do now have it. Its bright colours with a christmas theme set in New York all just some of my favourite things.

7. Fantasy Bookshelf (Stash)
I was lucky enough to inherit this when my dear friend Keebs over at Keebles World ordered the wrong version. I have seen some of these in progress and its a very big project!

8. Green Dragonling (Stash)
I have admired many other stitchers Jasmine Beckett-Griffith designs and during a HAED sale I spied this one. I'm not sure if I will stitch it but I do like having it in my stash.

9. Ink Circles Big Red Ship (Wishlist)
I was looking at ink circles designs because Tiffany at tiffstitch had some on her wishlist. This wasnt one of them but as soon as I saw it I thought it was a must have...I don't have it yet....but....its so pretty....heheheh

10. Nora Corbett Spring garden fairy (Wishlist)
Again, I am blaming Tiffany for this, I really like all the spring garden fairies but as blue flowers are my favourite, I opted for this. I also like the bewitching fairies but would like to look out for a SAL to do these. Let me know if you come across any!

Whats number one on your wishlist?


  1. You could limit it to only 10? Well done! LOL

    1. I lost the others in a house fire Bea, but I'm sure I will soon have more on my list :)

  2. Well, my number one is now Red Ship! I love it - I can feel a 123 purchase coming on!

    1. It's just gorgeous, right! I'll race you to the checkout :) hehe.

  3. Nice to see what you're working on and I don't think I'm sorry to have inspired a couple in your wish list. :) I've seen Bluebell stitched, but I don't know of anyone working on it or the other fairies right now.

  4. If you want to see the red ship in action, one of the blogs I follow is stitching it:
    (sorry, didn't know if your comments allow html, so I just left it in link form...guess I could have tested it, especially in the time it just took me to type, "guess I could have tested it", oh well!).

    1. Lol! Ooh thanks, I'll check it out :)

  5. link html test...guess it works!


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